Budget Travel: Cheaper Ways To Travel Australia

Australia is an incredibly popular place to travel, but is well-known for not being  cheapest. It’s the sixth largest country in the world, but also has a small population in comparison to its large size, which makes for little competition. All of this results in Australia being a fairly expensive place to travel.


But just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit. We’ve come up with some quick tips on how to travel Australia on a budget.

Car share

With Australia being so large, a common way to travel between cities is by driving. But fuel can be expensive, and can fluctuate between different cities and on different days. However, driving is a great way to visit places you wouldn’t be able to get to by public transport. In order to keep costs low, car share with friends and split the costs. You’ll save a lot of money than if you were driving on your own.


Stay in cheap accommodation

When travelling Australia, you need to make savings where you can, and that means saying no to the fancy, expensive hotels, and instead choosing more budget-friendly accommodation. Caravan parks can be a great cheap option, as well as campaign. In fact, some campsites are free, so if you’ve got the camping gear and love the outdoors, then this is perfect for you. Finally, check out the local hostels for cheap accommodation. Shared rooms can cost as little as $35 a night, helping you to keep the costs down.

Cook your own meals

When you can, cook your own meals. The two largest supermarkets are Coles and Woolworths. Stock up on cheap things like pasta and fruit and veg,and make your own meals. Look out for cheap deals as well and don’t buy lots of perishable items; you don’t want to end up wasting food.

Find cheap food when eating out

Sometimes, eating out is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost you a fortune. Check out the food courts in the local malls where you can often find cheap food that will keep you satisfied. Another great idea is to check out street food. In the summer there are heaps of food fairs going on all over the place, and this will let you experience the great food that’s on offer but for much cheaper than eating in a restaurant.

Make use of free activities

Rather than spending hundreds on expensive tours, check out all the free things the different Australian cities have to offer. From beautiful botanical gardens to free museums and galleries, there is sure to be loads to do on the cheap. Keep an eye on local events that could offer free entry to keep you entertained.

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