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Travel As I See It: Finch from Hill Valley High

Shake off those winter doldrums, fellow Musos! We’re back with Travel As I See It, our painfully awesome series of interviews with traveling musicians, musicians who travel, and the like. Today we’re talking to Scott Evans, who goes by Finch, and plays in a band, and writes on his travel blog, and generally just has us confused by all the awesome stuff he’s doing (and the multiple names.) You confused too? Great! Read on to get it straight and check out the story behind this musica nomad.

Keeping the Past Alive: Pushing for a Revival of Traditional Music on the Swahili Coast

“I’m a little nervous,” the singer laughs. “Usually it’s just my friends here.” Sitting cross-legged on a floor cushion, in an intimate circled of similarly-seated listeners, the musician begins to play. As the first notes out of a harp-like lap instrument ring out, the smell of incense fills the terrace and the audience sits back on their cushions, absorbing the music of Zanzibar. With the Indian Ocean in the background, the crowd is enjoying the centuries old taarab music, traditional to the island. The weekly concert draws a small but loyal crowd and occasional tourists, drawn by Basalama’s voice and…

Travel As I See It: Traveling the World with Whatthe Animalssay

Rest easy, lovers of travel and music. We’re back again with our series Travel As I See It, and this time around we’re talking to Adam Kendrick-Kewley, otherwise known as Whatthe Animalssay. From the Isle of Man, this man travels the world with his guitar recording music but never playing it live. We sit down with Whatthe Animalssay to find out exactly how that works, where it’s taken him and where he’s headed next.

Travel As I See It: Globe Trotting Multi Instrumentalist Anthony Johns

Rejoice! For today I welcome long-standing friend of mine and a boy I once met in the cold wilderness of London, Anthony Johns. Then battering the skins for British band Rubicks, Anthony now finds himself in Czech Republic lending his talented musical hand to many local projects. We sit down with him to see just how travel has helped shape his musical influences and learn about what is in store for him next.

Travel As I See It: Parisian Blues Hounds The Communal Well

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally back with our next in the series of “Travel As I See It”, the interview slot that flips traditional band interviews on their head by asking musicians about the impact of travel on their lives and their art. This week we’re joined by globe-trotting group The Communal Well, who with a very unique blues sound, ply their trade in Paris, France. Let’s see how travel has helped shape the sound of this rocking six-piece.

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