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Zombie Game Alive

The days when everyone was obsessed with the world of zombies has seemly reached an end. The short lived phase included a large range of zombie related movies, PC games and online pokies that covered all the basics and complicated aspects to what our world would be like with the presence of a zombie nation. One of the most popular shows of all time in the USA was centred on this concept. “The Walking Dead” featured 6 seasons of airtime bliss with millions of fans around the world. There was no mistaking the love and fascination the world experienced for…

6 Top Tips for Solo Female Hitchhikers

If you’re heading out on the open road alone and you’re female, you’ll have no doubt been bombarded by countless people telling you how dangerous it is, especially if you’re planning to do some hitchhiking along the way. Hitchhiking for a solo woman should be no different than for a man, as long as you keep your wits about you, don’t take any unnecessary risks and use your brain a little! Here are our top tips for solo female hitchhikers. Keep a track of any vehicles you get into This is a great way to stay safe as it will…

The Top 6 Road Movie Soundtracks

By Susan Pinna What is it about a road trip that seems so enticing? The wide, open spaces? The endless possibilities? The freedom? Whatever the reason for a road trip, the right musical accompaniment is important. After all you need something to entertain you en route. So whether you’re clocking up the miles in the southern United States, camping it up across Australia, or simply scootering from London to Brighton, here are some top road trip soundtracks to keep you entertained. 

Technicolor Monsters and Men

Sounds that fall into a melting technicolour dreamcoat made from LSD — that’s how the St Jerome’s Laneway festival describes the experience. A rather big claim given that we had no intention, or rather—access—to first-class drugs. But the festival didn’t disappoint.

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