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Travelling for Work Can be Entertaining: 3 Places to Visit When You’re on a Business Trip to New York

It might be an overworked cliche but it is hard to argue against the view that New York is the city that never sleeps and you are always going to be able to find entertainment and nightlife options. This means that there are many excellent opportunities to enjoy some time away from work and enjoy a great way of mixing business with pleasure on your next trip to the Big Apple. Here is a look at three of the many exciting places you might want to schedule into your timetable when visiting New York City on business. A heady mix…

Album Cover Locations Vol. 7 – Paul’s Boutique

The reasons musicians choose specific art for their album covers are varied. Some covers, such as the Beatles’ “Yesterday and Today” butcher cover, are created to make a social or political statement. More commonly, images are chosen to make an album more marketable. The racks of albums with provocative photos of attractive women are ubiquitous. They are also probably no longer very effective as marketing tools, since any record bin is a sea of scantily-dressed women.

The Muso’s Guide: 5 Must See Sights in New York

New York City, where dreams are made. And in the case of music, they’re often made, closed down for not paying their taxes, sent to rehab and remade again. With a musical offering as diverse its residents, it’s no wonder New York can call itself the birthplace of hip hop, punk rock and salsa as we know them. Let’s take it from the top (geographically, that is) and work our way down a list of some of the most influential and happening venues in the city today.

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