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Album Cover Locations Vol. 7 – Paul’s Boutique

The reasons musicians choose specific art for their album covers are varied. Some covers, such as the Beatles’ “Yesterday and Today” butcher cover, are created to make a social or political statement. More commonly, images are chosen to make an album more marketable. The racks of albums with provocative photos of attractive women are ubiquitous. They are also probably no longer very effective as marketing tools, since any record bin is a sea of scantily-dressed women.

Bruce Springsteen Tickets Energize Audiences

Bruce Springsteen and an enlarged E Street Band have been out on the road since March to support the album “Wrecking Ball.” The group had a long jog through Europe earlier in the year. They will hopscotch across the U.S. and play a few gigs in Canada before wrapping up the tour in early December. So far, the tour has earned at least $80 million. Bruce Springsteen tickets are on sale now.

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