What to Do With Your Travel Photos

Travel photos tend to add up very quickly if you travel with any sort of regularity. Hell even if you don’t just one trip can mean hundreds of shots if you’re snap happy. But what happens to all those pictures once the holiday is done? If you’re like most people you share a few on Facebook, then save them to a folder on your computer and forget about them. But is that really the best option?

If you don’t want all your travelling pics to be buried and forgotten, you’ll need to step outside the square a bit and not just store them on an old usb or hdd, never to be seen again. Technology allows us the freedom of displaying media in a variety of creative ways, which means you never have to forget your travel photos if you don’t want to.

Create a Canvas Print Collage

Out of site, out of mind, that is how the saying goes. So any way you try to solve the travel memories dilemma, will have to involve keeping those precious images and memories easily visible. All too often your great photos spend years languishing in a forgotten folder on an old computer which eventually breaks down. One way to keep photos visible all the time, is to put them on your wall! Find your best shots and order a canvas photo collage. With a high quality image printed on stretched canvas over a wooden frame, your memories are all ready to be hung up on a wall in a visible spot. Hang it somewhere you’ll see it often, and never worry about your holiday memories fading.


Make a Scrap Book

Some might read the title of this suggestion and think ‘why bother with a scrapbook, it’s basically just a photo album’. The beauty of a scrapbook is that it will allow you to merge photos and memorabilia from your trip, storing a good selection all in the once place so you get a great walk down memory lane any time you open it. Alongside photos you can have ticket stubs, sea shells or even dried flowers, anything that is going to remind you of your holiday, stick it in the book.


Once you’re done, just sit it on a coffee table or kitchen bench, wherever gets the most traffic, and your lasting memories will last even longer.

And it is not just for memories, scrapbook is even seen as a therapy by some, having been used with great success by occupational therapists alongside colouring and doodling, to help patients recover from serious trauma.

Make Photo Magnets

One thing you can guarantee you will look at pretty much every day, is the front of your fridge. That’s why making fridge magnets out of your travel snaps is a perfect idea, you’ll see them every day and they’ll be able to add a little bit of travel cheer as you go about your business.

A quick Google will give you tonnes of options for places that will be able to create fridge magnets out of your favourite shots.

Create a Phone Cover

One other thing you can guarantee pretty much everyone will look at every day, is the mobile phone. If you’ve got one of the more common phone models such as an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, then you should have no trouble finding a service online that will create a personalised phone cover for you. Just select your favourite photos and a continuous collage will be created and molded to fit your phone.

If you’ve been having the post travel blues, try a few of the above ideas to keep your memories fresh and to give you a little peek back into those great times, all throughout the day.

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