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The History of the Burning Man Festival

When it comes to the greatest festivals that have been created around the world, we owe a debt of gratitude to creative people who have thought up concepts that no ordinary person could ever think of on their best day. Certainly, no average person would ever come up with the concept for something as outlandish as Burning Man, a week-long festival where attendees let their inner imaginations run wild. With costumes that run the gamut from steam punk to new age (along with pre-made ones from that allow those looking for a bit of inspiration to find it), it…

The most photogenic festivals in the world

Looking to attend the most photogenic festivals in the world in 2016? Below, we profile four celebrations that are full of color, life and vitality… 1) Burning Man Set in the midst of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA, Burning Man is a week-long gathering of alternatively minded individuals, who dress, build art pieces, and live in a manner that is accordance with their inner being, as opposed to the constraints that society normally places on them. Celebrating its 30th year in 2016, be prepared to have your belief systems challenged, your mind opened, but best of all, be…

Bruce Springsteen Tickets Energize Audiences

Bruce Springsteen and an enlarged E Street Band have been out on the road since March to support the album “Wrecking Ball.” The group had a long jog through Europe earlier in the year. They will hopscotch across the U.S. and play a few gigs in Canada before wrapping up the tour in early December. So far, the tour has earned at least $80 million. Bruce Springsteen tickets are on sale now.

Kick-Ass Canadian Festivals: Folk on the Rocks

Cold climates can make people do strange things. In northern Canada, where people are cooped up inside the majority of the year, seeing little sunlight and a lot of snow, the arrival of summer heralds a burst of frenetic folly that all comes to a head the third weekend of every July.

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