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Rock N’ Roll Travel: The Best Dutch Music Festivals

The Netherlands, although not well known for its music, is home to some of the best music festivals throughout Europe. Travel there and you’ll be treated to seeing some of your favorite local and international artists live and loud. Whether you live in the Netherlands or are simply thinking of visiting, these Dutch music festivals are definitely worth dropping in for.

Rock N’ Roll Travel: Best Corsica Music Festivals

Corsica, also known as the island of beauty, is an island located off the coast of Italy belonging to France. Formed as a result of volcanic activity, it is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its magnificent setting and scenery, Corsica has emerged as a leading tourist destination in the region. Little do people know though however, about the number of fantastic Corsica music festivals that take place throughout the year. Yep. With its rich musical heritage this little island truly rocks! Here are five cool Corsica music festivals you might want to think about loading…

Rock N’Roll Travel: Best Spanish Music Festivals

Whatever your taste in music, chances are some of the most eccentric music festivals across Spain have something to fill your ears with the sweet sounds you’ve been longing for all summer long. With most of these festivals doing well to offer a mixture of English and Spanish language songs, these are Groovetraveler’s top five Spanish music festivals…

Rock N’Roll Travel: Best Australian Music Festivals

If you’re traveling over to Australia this winter you’ll be happy to hear that, due to something they call the southern hemisphere, you’ll soon be basked in a sunny glow of music festivals and ridiculous sun hats. For your convenience, we here at Groovetraveler have compiled a list of the best Australian music festivals to give you some direction down under, in your boozed-up haze.

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