What Venues To Hit On Your Southern Tour


All great bands started out performing country-wide tours, and along the way, they collect their first bunch of fans; this is the standard for the general path of most bands. public to broadcast their favourite bands on Facebook, with the help of social media like Youtube and Twitter.

There are many ways you can tour in the U.S, whether up and down the East and West coasts, or right through the heart of the Midwest…but not many popular attractions can beat the unique experiences you can only find in the south.

Take Ullrs Tavern in Winter Park, Colorado. This place is the hot spot for the best live music and the surrounding populace knows it. The event calendar is always full with new acts and other cool events, like open mic nights, karaoke, ladies’ nights and pool tournaments. Wednesday nights are the night for cheap drinks, though ladies will get them on the house because that’s their night.

As for popular attractions in Colorado, there is skiing on Rocky Mountain, wine to be tasted at the many wineries and hot air balloons to be traveled in. Add a mini holiday to the tour while you are at it.

Nearby is the proud and popular Texas. There are countless great venues to do a live show here. If Austin is one of your locations, consider the Stubb’s Bar- B-Q. The list of bands coming to play here is huge and the history of this place is just as jaw-dropping as the menu; once upon a time, Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Willie Nelson and many more played a show, all on the same night! As for the menu, give the pork spare ribs and sausages a fair go. The sausages are an in-house special.

Also in Austin is the Barton Springs Pool and Esther’s Follies. This show mixes music, magic and comedy and has done so for the last thirty years. Esther’s Follies is definitely a must see while passing through Austin, Texas.

And of course, we can’t forget about Oklahoma. This great state boasts up to nearly four million residents and you can get the chance to entertain a handful of them at the Wormy Dog Saloon. The stage here gives audiences the chance to get up close and personal with the performer, a novelty becoming rarer and rarer in live entertainment (usually concerts venues have a barrier of sorts between the audience and performer).

A hot spot for popular bands and local musicians, any performer can get a great crowd at the Wormy Dog. As for food, order the bacon wrapped shrimp – they are rumored to be some of the best there is.

As for attractions in Oklahoma, there are many to choose from, so make sure you are picking an activity that suits your whole band. In Oklahoma city, Bricktown is very popular. There are horse drawn carriage rides on offer, a river-like canal to explore and bowling pins waiting to be knocked down at the RedPin Bowling Lounge. This place is a bar and bowling alley rolled into one.

No matter what part of the country you’re touring through, there will always be the wild and wonderful South to keep bands of all genres entertained, whether it be with the 54 oz. steak challenges or watching the golden sunset deep in the heart of Texas.

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