Rocking the Airport Commute


When you plan to fly or take that long awaited trip abroad, the last thing you want to add to your unavoidable worries is airport parking. You can read these few airport parking tips so that you don’t have to face parking problems the next time you plan your trip.

Tip #1- Do Your Homework

The biggest mistake most travellers do is to drive to an airport without prior research. Depending on the airport, carry a quick study by checking airport travel guides. You can search online by entering which airports you wish to fly to and fro and choose the best airport parking options available to you. You will come across extensive list of parking options with prices, addresses, coupons and other amenities. Filter the results and sort them out according to your specific needs.

Tip #2- Use Online Prepay Services

In case you just want to lock in your parking spot, there are many online sites that allow you to reserve and prepay for private airport parking and off-airport parking. These sites offer discounted rates and can make you travel plans much more bearable. Rates at airport areas include frequent and demand shuttles to and from the airport terminals. Others offer such options as indoor parking, valet parking and mechanical servicing for your cars while on your trip. Off-airport lots reserve space in advance which is not common at most on-airport lots. There are many reputable sites you can use to book and pay for offsite parking.

Tip #3- Drive To The Spot Near An Airport The Night Before Your Travel

In case you drive to an airport that is far away from your home, you can drive to the next nearest spot or hotel the night before your flight. This way you will avoid airport parking problems, highways and bad weather. There are many hotels with travel packages that offer this service with up to fourteen parking days. Some of them will even allow you to take an overnight stay at the end of your trip in case you arrive late in the night. You can get this info through reputable online agencies that offer fair packing packages.

Tip #4- Make Early/Advance Booking

It is important to know your exact travel days and dates so that you can book your parking early. This way you can save considerable to about twenty five percent on all reservations. There are several vehicle parks that offer advance purchase prices rates. The earlier you book the greater your chances of getting discounted rates. If you come across these services, just book immediately since the costs are cheaper compared to when you book on the actual travel day.

Tip #5 – Park Offsite

If you are operating on a budget, it will be wise not to park on airport property. This option is cheaper since you can use shuttle services that offer direct service to and from the airport. You will be dropped and picked in good time for your flight. In case there are no shuttle services, you can call a tax to offer you offsite parking at reduced rates.

Keep these simple airport parking Bristol tips and you will be surprised just how easy and enjoyable your next trip abroad will be.

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