How to Take Great Instagram Car Photos

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Do have a cool looking car, and are really proud of it? Do you love to take great pictures of your car to show off to everyone? Well social media is so prevalent today that you can get your cool car viewed by millions if you do some of the right things that make it go viral.

But before you go down the road of great car picture taking make sure that your car is in great condition to take you down that road. Get your car tyres serviced and a brake check by one of the best service centers in the UK. Once you have it in top working condition you can now take some great car shots.

Applications like Instagram have become hubs for people to place pictures of cool and interesting things and cars are one of the most popular topics. In order to get your friends on Instagram to fall in love with your cool car and get them to share it through their own Instagram networks, you first need to take some great pictures to post. Here are some tips on how to take great Instagram car pictures.

Buy Yourself a High Quality Camera

Today’s top smartphones take good pictures considering the small sizes they have to work with regarding their picture taking internals. They have learned to miniaturize key components of cameras and this has even push the tech in standalone cameras ahead. However they still cannot compete at all with good quality SLR or even compact shooters from the top camera manufacturers. These cameras take the best pictures by far, and if you know how to use a good camera correctly these pictures will look great on any smartphone. So the first good advice for you to take great car pictures, is to spend some money on a great camera.  Invest in a good camera to take your travel pictures. Smartphones have great cameras for this size. They are able to squeeze high quality camera Electronics into a very small space and the result is good shots that look great on your phone. However, the quality of these shots is not on par with a standalone SLR or high quality compact camera. Plan to purchase as great a camera as you can afford to buy and the good news is that prices have gone down because they are not selling so well these days. You can also pick up a great used cameras for an amazing price.

Take hundreds of Pictures of Your Car

When you see great car photos you can be sure that the photographer who took those shots took literally hundreds of pictures to get that perfect one. This requires you to take pictures of your car from every angle, as close ups and distant shots, during different times of the day to compare lighting and at different locations. You want to pay close attention to details like making sure all parts of your car is spotless, other elements in the picture and to make sure that your car looks like a real star.  Keep uploading your shots to your phone to check how they look because this is how they will be viewed on Instagram. As you get better at taking great shots you will be able to take fewer shots.

Edit Your Shots

The last step in getting great car photos is to edit your pictures. You should do this on a dedicated piece of software on your computer. Today there are great picture editing programs that allow you to remove noise from your pictures, edit out any unwanted objects, change the lighting, vary the brightness and grade the colors. You can also get artsy with your shots if this is your style. Cropping is very important because it allows you to make sure that your car is focused properly. Pay attention to the smallest details and it will pay off in the end product.

You should test many different versions of your pictures and styles of shots on Instagram to see what looks best and what style you want to portray. Expect that there will be a period of trial and error, but if you put in the time, your car will become an Instagram star with lots of followers.

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