The World’s Swankest Villas

Holiday Villas

Holiday villas are becoming one of the most preferred choices for most people going on vacation when it comes to choosing accommodation. The reason as to why most people prefer to stay in villas is because they are highly available and you get to enjoy the holiday experience at a cheaper rate. The villas are usually a good idea especially if you are traveling with a large group or with family. But what if finances weren’t a concern? Just for fun, we’re taking a look at the world’s swankest – and most expensive – villas. If you’ve got a few extra thousand pounds lying around, they might be for you!

In beautiful Seychelles, you’ll find the sweeping and epic Villa North Island. It is one of the greatest in the country, though it’s definitely not one of the most affordable. Usually the villas are charged by the week unlike the hotels which normally charge on a daily rate. The villas are very spacious and thus you can comfortably stay with your family or friends if you do have the money to book it. Once there, you’re destined for supreme privacy and pampering, and the chef on call will prepare pretty much anything your heart desires instead of offering up a set menu. Can’t beat service like that!

When vacationing in Albufeira in Portugal the Villa Ciete is one of the best choices when it comes to accommodation. The villas are designed in a way that they are very comfortable just like your home, they have a kitchen that is fully equipped, a living room, a garden, a pool, separate bedrooms and other facilities that you might need. The advantage of having a fully equipped kitchen is that you get to cook for yourself whenever you feel like. However, if you don’t feel like cooking you can always order food from outside or go to a restaurant.

The Beach House, Seminyak Bali is also a good choice if you are ever in Bali. The villas are designed in way that you get to enjoy your privacy. The villas also have s private pool that you get to enjoy at your own convenience. The beach house villas are located close to the beach and thus you can easily take a stroll to the beach in the afternoons or early morning. You can even feel the breeze right from the balcony of your villa. This villa truly does offer one of the most spectacular and breathtaking views in the world. And the music and culture in Bali can’t be complained about, either.

The best thing about staying in a holiday villa is the fact that they are always located close to the beach or the ocean thus you get to enjoy the cool breeze. The villas are also very private and safe thus you can comfortably enjoy your vacation. You have to keep in mind that holiday villas don’t have to be worth all your year’s salary. Before you start your vacation, you can go online to see some of the most affordable holiday villas that you can get online. Compare the facilities as well as the quality of services offered so that you can select the best. You can also look for some of the agencies who can help you make a booking in advance. When you book in advance, you are more likely to get a discount.

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