The Magic of Disney Music

Miami based Florida holidays

Disney World is a land of fantasy where you get to meet all your favorite characters. You also get to visit the largest animal theme park in the whole world. There are more than 1,700 animals of over 200 species. That is not all, you get to enjoy the magic water parks sliding down into pure enjoyment. The entertainment is nonstop, accompanied with great dining and other performing arts.

Florida is one of the most visited cities in United States for holidays. Miami based Florida holidays almost always include a trip to Disney World.The legendary amusement park and entertainment complex is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Its property covers over 30,000 hectares and houses an animal kingdom theme park, Epcot, water parks and other recreational facilities. It also has a section for Disney Hollywood videos. Since inception in 1971, Disney World Florida has become one of the world most visited spots.

Kids get to enjoy Disney animated musicals from their favorite cartoon characters while visiting the park. They get to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie, or they can dance together with Disney princess in the magical Sunset Boulevard. This is not all. Lots of classic characters are waiting for them for great fun and musicals. With so many beloved songs to sing together and reimagine with the characters right there to participate, it’s no wonder they call Disney World the happiest place on earth.

There are many ways to enjoy Disney musicals while on your holiday. To start with, you could join your favorite musical characters on stage and dance. Singing the classical songs with the characters brings in great memories. Most people think of Disney songs as a bit childish, and of course they are – but in the very best sense. While we quickly forget the lyrics to the song of the summer each year, the lyrics to some of Disney’s classic musicals often stays with people for their whole lives.

Disney World is definitely a place to be in Miami. There is huge fun and games for all ages whether young or old. The park also takes your imagination to the extremes as you enjoy the fairy tales of old. You can plan your Disney experience in Florida well in advance. The official Disney world Florida website gives you all the tools for a fantastic experience. This includes the preferred spots of interest, different activities that you could take part in during the vacation and some favorite lyrics to remember. Since you are most likely to spend the night at Florida, you get a choice of favorite restaurants and hotels around. It is important to book well in advance. This is because there is always a huge turnout to the amusement park. There is so much you can get from Disney World. Pay a visit today for a great experience.

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