Holiday Ideas Your Friends Will Love

La Plantation d'Albion

Planning a trip away is always something to get excited about, particularly when you’re travelling with good friends. If it’s been left up to you to decide on a location for your time away, it’s important that you know what to look.

Here, we’ll take a look at several ideas for holidays which will have your friends jumping for joy, covering everything from skiing in the Alps to lounging lazily in the Bahamas.

The Greek Islands

With a plentiful supply of islands to choose from, Greece’s water locked locations are becoming increasingly popular with groups of friends. Not only are they blessed with a sizeable array of spectacular beaches but they’re well equipped to cater for those looking to let their hair down when the sun sets.

The brilliance of Greece, and particularly the island resorts, is that it has something for everyone. From the lively bars which stay open well into the night, to the ancient ruins which tell tales of the country’s rich history.

The slopes of the Alps

We all love the idea of relaxing on a beach for a week but when we’re travelling as a group it can be great for everyone to get stuck into an activity of some kind. What better way to keep everyone amused than to book a skiing holiday in the French Alps.

France has a whole host of skiing resorts which can cater to groups of all sizes and, crucially, groups of all abilities. Needless to say, most of the resorts are thoroughly kitted out with plenty of bars to keep you busy until the morning snow.

Water sports in the Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the finest holiday destinations in the world, boasting a prized combination of natural beauty, rich culture and an array of tourist-friendly facilities. When it comes to activities,La Plantation d’Albion leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Alongside all of the traditional beach activities, the real gem of the resort is its scuba diving. The life under the surface is truly unique and checking it out face to face is undoubtedly the finest way to settle into the exotic resorts.

As you would expect given the beautiful clarity of the ocean, the coastline is the focus of all life in Mauritius. From the food on your plate to the activities that keep you occupied through the day, appreciating the ocean is the central point of any time spent in Mauritius.

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