Strange Love: The World’s Most Bizarre Honeymoon Spots

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You and your sweetheart like to think outside the box, so why should your honeymoon be different? You are creative and unique, and you want to go on an adventure together that reflects these qualities.

If you want to experience something other than a typical romantic resort, there are many different destinations that offer a honeymoon experience out of the ordinary. To start planning, here are some ideas for an unusual and creative honeymoon.

Snuggle Up at the Ice Hotel in Sweden

Celebrate your new marriage in a winter wonderland at this unique hotel in beautiful Sweden, in the village of Jukkasjarvi. The rooms are made of ice; they melt and are rebuilt every year. Therefore, the hotel only exists December through April.

The entire hotel is carved from blocks of ice taken from the Torne River. Even the glasses at the bar are pure ice. The chairs and the beds are also made from ice and the temperature in the hotel stays below freezing at -5 degrees. You and your spouse will need to snuggle up to keep warm in your fur-pelt blankets.

While you are at the Ice Hotel, you have the opportunity to explore the incredible natural beauty of Sweden. You can book dog-sledding adventures through the frozen wilderness, go snowshoeing and witness the northern lights.

Sleep With the Fishes at Poseidon Resort, Fiji

This hotel has everything you could wish for in a honeymoon getaway with restaurants, luxurious suites and a bar. It also has the best ocean views you could imagine. You might just see a fish swimming past your window! Yes, this hotel is actually on the ocean floor itself, just off the coast of Fiji.

The design of the hotel incorporates 4-inch-thick acrylic glass. You can peer out into your underwater surroundings and see the diverse array of sea life. Each hotel suite has a button that releases fish food into the surrounding waters and causes a swarm of colourful fish to appear outside your window.

Have a Spooky Stay in Transylvania

If you and your sweetheart are into the gothic and spooky, you would love to take a chilling honeymoon to Transylvania. Here, you walk around in the same spots where Vlad the Impaler (Dracula’s real-life inspiration) took his victims and even visit his actual castle. The supposed former residence of Vlad is Bran Castle. You cannot stay overnight there, but you can sleep at the Hunter Prince Castle, which has the same style of medieval fairy-tale architecture.

The hotel is filled with opulent dark wood, creepy animal heads and leather furniture as well as armoured knights, giving it an authentic feeling. However, although the hotel feels like the Dark Ages, it has free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to the present day.

Go Out on a Limb at China’s Hainan Island Treehouse

You can spend your honeymoon together in the treetops at this elegant hotel set in steps of the beaches of the South China Sea. The rooms are high up in the tops of the tamarind trees and are accessible by rope and plank suspension bridge.

Surrounded by a peaceful Buddhist park containing gardens and temples, this treehouse resort will help you and your spouse relax in addition to getting in touch with nature and enjoying quality time together.

These are just some examples of the world’s most bizarre honeymoon destinations. If you and your spouse are the unconventional type, why not forego the traditional resort holiday and try something different on your first adventure as a married couple?

About the Author: Elisha Arthur is a freelance travel writer and blogger who writes on quirky destinations all over the world. She searches for cheap holidays with Expedia to secure the best deals.  

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