Adventure Travel: Five Songs to Get You Revved Up


You’ve done it. You’ve booked that adventure travel trip of a lifetime. You’re a few months out, but thoughts of your adventure have already begun to invade your mind. Awesome! That’s was adventure travel is about – the anticipation and memories are as much a part of the adventure as the travel itself. However, you have some planning to do. Adventure travel stretches you both physically and mentally. Below are five adventure travel ideas and a song for each to help you get psyched for your trip.

1. Hiking Machu Picchu. Cake – The Distance. If you are going to hike to Machu Picchu at nearly 8,000 feet, you are going to need to get into some kind of shape to get the most out of your trip. Hiking in high altitude is all about endurance and this song will get you pumped for your workout. Add in the cautionary tale of working your life away and you have the perfect anthem to get you ready for your adventure travel vacation. Key line: In his mind he’s still driving still making the grade. She’s hoping in time that her memories will fade.


2. Rock Climbing in Yosemite National Park. Foo Fighters – All My Life. Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced climber, rock climbing can be an exhilarating experience. Add in the grandeur of Yosemite and el Capitán and you have the experience of a lifetime. The thumping power cords and building tension throughout All My Life is just what you need to get ready for a tough clime. Key line: Nothing satisfies but I´m getting close, closer to the prize at the end of the rope.


3. White Water Rafting the Salmon River, Idaho. Prodigy-Breathe. The first thing you notice as you approach a rapid is that the current of the river starts moving faster. Your heart rate increases. You then hear the white noise in the distance growing progressively louder – your heart rate spikes. Breathe is purportedly about the tension between the DJ and dancers in the Prodigy while performing. However, the lyrics could easily be uttered by a category 5 rapid. Key line: Breathe the pressure, come play my game I’ll test ya, psychosomatic addict, insane – Come play my game.

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4. Surfing Costa Rica. Tom Petty – Running down a Dream. Surfing in a wetsuit is great. Surfing in board shorts is even better. If you are a cold-water surfer, you simply must ditch the wetsuit at least once in your life. Costa Rica has great surf year round and the Southern Hemi swells deliver powerful surf to this little piece of paradise. Imagine dropping into a large set wave around sunset. As you reach the trough and set up for your bottom turn, the wave jacks and blots out the sun. It’s time to make your cut for the pocket. Best line: I rolled on as the sky grew dark, I put the pedal down to make some time.


5. Botswana Wildlife Safari. Paul McCartney and Wings – Live and Let Die. It’s one thing to see an elephant behind a concrete enclosure at the zoo. It’s another thing to have a giant bull charge your Land Rover in a show of Strength. The jungle is a brutal environment and animals do what they have to in order to survive, including the human ones. Best line: What does it matter to you, when you got a job to do you have to do it well, you’ve got to give the other fella hell.

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