Welcome to GrooveTraveler: A Note from the Editor (Will)


GrooveTraveler eh? The new travel blogging project of two starcrossed lovers, separated by the house of Iceland and the house of England, forever doomed to wage a long bloody war with each other over trivial things like “cod” and Bjork punching out the paparazzi.

Or is it?

Well no, not really. It’s actually a lot tamer than that (although you can perhaps expect the occasional fishy tale).

Started up with the view of my dear old Northern piece to learn more about just what the hell I’m doing and why I’m clogging up her social media accounts with meaningless drivel, GrooveTraveler.com is very much her thing.

Taking a slant on the travel world and marrying it with that of music, it’s pretty apt that I’m always trying to wrestle control of iTunes and her laptop speakers whenever she’s around. Now that she has fully control of a music and travel blog though? Well, potentially all hell could break loose.

But just because I say this little project is “hers” doesn’t mean I want to shirk all responsibility. Nor does it mean also, that if it all goes tits-up, I won’t be stringing her up in our East London torture chamber and giving her an extra 50 of Sunday’s oh-so-regular lashings.

Oh no. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye over proceedings and helping to steer this here ship into the bountiful shores of travel blogging fandom, don’t you mind that.

So what can you expect from us, oops, I mean, her?

Another good question. You’re full of ’em tonight.

Well aside from the sexy design she spent hours pouring over when she could have been gorging herself silly on Skyr, she’s also been working her little Icelandic mittens off putting together the first few posts that you can already see right here on the site.

And despite her voluminous screams that she’s “not a writer”, I think you’re all going to see, from articles like this really cool one on travelling Germany, that she’s not done too bad at all really.

So along with the brief introduction and welcome that she’s already made, I’m now going to throw my hat into this rocky new ring and welcome you all too.

The GrooveTraveler of my vision?

A place to see how music and travel INFLUENCE each other.

A place to see musicians talking about TRAVEL.

A place to see new destinations through the SOUND of music.

And, finally, most importantly of all…

A place to see the birth and development of a COOL new travel blogger.

(Plus she’s not even writing in her native language for christ sakes, which, rather depressingly, puts me to even more shame…) 

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