Specialty tours and why you should take them


There are tours and then there are tours. Some tours are the standard, old-fashioned tour, go see the Eifel tower, see the statue of liberty, or visit the Great Wall of China. But after you get past the old school mom and pop tours, there are the specialty tours where you can tour with like-minded people on something you love. From music tours to food tours, from extreme sports to nature hikes, there is something for everyone. A great tour company for discount tours is Touropp. Here are a few examples of some specialty tours.

Music tours

You can visit a place where a favorite band is playing and travel around at the same time. Travel to favorite music destinations such as Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry. You can take a tour in New Orleans for example and stroll the clubs where all the greats of jazz played. Some still play in the late hours, a culture all on its own, where the real music doesn’t even start until well past 2 am. Enjoy traveling with like-minded music travelers.

Bicycle tours

What can be more pleasant then riding a bike through the countryside, or if it suits you, down a steep mountain path? You can really immerse yourself in the area and really breathe the local culture in.

Wine tours

For those of us that want things a bit slower, and love the good life, there are wonderful wine and food tours. There are many wineries that you can go on day tours to, as well as travel through various wine countries to see and taste what you love back home.

Romance tours

They say there is a little romance in all of us. Romance tours help bring that out, and get in touch with your significant other. Spend the best quality time and share things together. See Santiago city by night overlooking the lights that make the city look like a fairytale.

Food tours

If you really want to experience an area, taste the food. Each culture and area has their own specialties that you will not find anywhere else. Live a little and experiment, a guided food tour can make your inner foodie giggle with glee when you try new and exotic things.

Hiking tours

Another great way to get in touch with an area is a hiking tour. Get your boots on and walk through various areas with others of like mind and make new friends. Chat about all the things you see.

Custom tours

If you have any special desire for a specific kind of tour, feel free to ask the good people at Touropp and they will see if they can accommodate you or find the exact right tour that fits your lifestyle, as well as finding you the absolute best discount price they can, as that is what they do.

Special tours just add something more to the basic tours of life. We like to think of it as a temporary membership in a club of similar interests. If you love flowers you join a club of people that love them too for a trip, and maybe make friends that you keep for a lifetime, and lifetimes friends are what life is all about. Even in a single area like Southern California, there is more to do than you would believe. Get out there and get touring.

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