Reasons To Fall In Love With Cornwall

For me Cornwall is not just one of the best destinations here in the UK, but on of the best in Europe and I am always amazed at just how few people appreciate it. I have been going to Cornwall each year with my family for over a decade now, and every year we seem to find something new to see and do. I wanted to write a brief article for you guys who may not have considered going to Cornwall, to talk about just a few things which I am sure that you will simply adore about this magical English county. Without further ado then, here is why you need to go to Cornwall.



There is a huge amount of campsites in Cornwall which offer brilliant locations and many also offer some of the finest glamping Cornwall and the UK has to offer. If you aren’t familiar with glamping it is basically camping in a luxury way, usually in yurts or wooden huts. For the best way to visit Cornwall, be sure to stay in a campsite.

Coastal Beauty

I could, and occasionally have, spend hours upon hours wandering across the hiking trails which you will find along the coast of Cornwall. The coastal trails here take in some of the most breathtaking scenery which you will have ever witnessed on Birtish shores, and then every now and again you’ll be greeted by a quaint fishing village or town. There are many places in the UK with beautiful coastal highlights, but none of them compare to Cornwall in my book.

Food Heaven

If you enjoy eating seafood then you are going to find yourself in heaven here in Cornwall. Each morning the trawlers land with their catch, and they supply the restaurants throughout Cornwall. This means that you can guarantee yourself the freshest and tastiest seafood that you are likely to find, and they sell for very reasonable prices as well. What better way to enjoy an afternoon than to sit down with some freshly caught scallops and a bottle of crisp white wine, bliss.


The first time that I ever went surfing was here in Cornwall and after that first rush, I couldn’t wait to do it again. Newquay is essentially a resort which is aimed at the surf community and it is the perfect place to surf and to learn how to surf. In fact there is a tournament which takes place here every year, which attracts some of the world’s finest surfers. We very often overlook the power of the waves here in the UK, many will think of Australia and Costa Rica in terms of surf spots, but here in Newquay we have some of the world’s greatest waves.

Cornwall is a county which is altogether different from the rest of the UK, it is lively, fascinating, beautiful and adventurous all rolled into one, and this is the year that you should visit. Should you decide to go, this is the campsite which I would recommend for you.

Perran Springs Holiday Park





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