How to Look Good & Pack Light


You strive to look good all of the time, don’t you? However, it is not always an easy task to accomplish especially when you have to travel on an airplane. You need to be sure that you are packing the essentials but you also need to be sure that you have clothes that are not all wrinkled. Acting professional and looking professional are to very different animals. The goal is to pack your suitcase with everything you need to look and feel great while at the same time packing light. How can this be accomplished? According to a traveling article, it is all in the planning. If you are traveling overseas you should stay away from white sneakers. Nothing says American tourist like white sneakers. Unless you don’t mind being labeled a tourist, stay away from white sneakers. Be sure that you bring plenty of pairs of socks. Some clothes you can interchange such as tops and bottoms, socks are not one of those that can be interchanged. When it comes to underwear, the less of it the better. Stay away from packing bulky underwear such as boxers (if you are a man). The briefer the underwear, the easy it is to stuff in your suitcase. Be sure that you always have a good pair of jeans when you have to dress down. Finally, wear a watch. It might be common place to use your cell phone as a timepiece however, the more you use your phone the more you wear down the battery. Conserve your battery by wearing a watch when you travel.

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