Playing On the Go: The Joy of Traveling with Poker in Your Pocket


Here at we’ve long been advocates of traveling for the purpose of enjoying cutting-edge music, amazing festivals, even following particular bands half-way across the world. But we’ve never much discussed the types of things you can do while on the move as you travel, especially things you can dip into at a moments notice, given that you’ve brought a smartphone, tablet or light laptop along for the ride.

Mobile casino gaming is only getting bigger. For traveling music fans the world over, that spells good news. Not only can you fill your down time jumping online to sharpen your poker, blackjack or bingo chops but there’s also the potential source of a little extra income in it too. Which could mean more travel and more exciting new festivals for you.

As for tips on mobile casino gaming while you travel, we’ve also got you covered. Read on for some crucial pointers that can help you get up and running in no time at all.

Mobile Devices

If you’re traveling across many different countries then it’s handy to make sure you bring along either a tablet or extremely portable laptop, that you can connect to local wi-fi points, or a smartphone where you can get a local SIM card and start roaming on a pay-as-you-go plan.

From there it’s best to get acquainted with online casino games through the use of apps. Not only do apps take the sting out of having to boot open a browser, hunt down a site and then go through the rigor of entering into a game but they also streamline the whole process too. Downloading apps are easy, those like the 888 casino app can even be downloaded directly from browsers and installed on your devices right away.


What’s even more annoying than losing out on potential winnings while having your wireless connection cut out in a remote corner of Europe? Getting your device, which is your portal to the online gaming world, stolen or apprehended.

Make sure then that you take the necessary precautions while traveling to keep your things safe and secure. While you’re outside of hostels or hotels, keep them in lockers. When you’re out and you’re carrying them with you, make sure you have them secured in a bag or pocket and that you’re vigilant when moving in crowds. Pickpockets, given the chance, love to play poker too. Even more so on devices they’ve only recently swiped.

General Gaming Tips

As for online casino gaming in general it pays to keep a few things in mind. Play when your attention is strong and focused (so that you can’t drunkenly spend most of your travel budget), keep a tight watch on your time (play to a strict time-allocation to avoid further losses) and play at reputable casinos where you’re unlikely to be cheated.

To keep things fresh you might want to deviate from poker and try your hand at other games too. Sometimes, after a particular bad poker streak, you might find yourself doing well at blackjack or even striking lucky on mobile slots. Variation can sometimes be an asset.

So hopefully you can see just how fun taking mobile games on the road with you can be. Keep these few pointers in mind and you’ll be even better prepared to take poker in your pocket with you as you travel the world’s greatest festivals and music-related events.

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