Cruising through Christmas: why take a river cruise this holiday


If your idea of a perfect holiday is to just get away from the pressures of daily life and unwind then why not take advantage of the long Christmas break and take a cruise.

River cruises take you to the heart of a country

Cruising is cool and you could opt for a magical tour of the ocean waves with Viking Ocean Cruises or you could really get to the heart of a country with a river trip. Not everyone enjoys the stresses and strains of a traditional festive holiday and sometimes a family celebration prove to be too much of a good thing so a cruise will provide the perfect escape option.

River cruises are a great way of exploring a country from the comfort of a ship. Just think, you could avoid festive sibling bickering at home and take a trip through Russia on the Volga.

If you do choose this option try and travel through Russia over the New Year, the fireworks are brilliant!

Holiday cruises

Cruises aren’t restricted to the high seas. All corners of the world are open to the cruising community and if you are looking for that perfect getaway here is a useful list of cruise operators that might kick-start your imagination. The only restrictions that you’ll find depend on your imagination and your spirit of adventure.

Why not travel in the footsteps of those famous early explorers, the Venetians, and take a trip from Venice to Istanbul? Much of Venice’s glory originates from Istanbul (Constantinople) and the Byzantine Empire so you’ll start your adventure in ‘La Serenissima’ and continue through the eastern Mediterranean stopping off in Croatia and Greece before finishing your journey in Istanbul.

China river cruising

Of course if you really want to leave Christmas pudding and roast turkey totally behind, then a river cruise in China will fit your travelling bill. China is a country that will feed all the senses and a cruise down the historic Yangtze River will give you a taste of this vast and diverse land.

The physical beauty of the Chinese countryside is astonishing; look out for the Three Gorges. If you combine this natural phenomenon with an excursion to the extraordinary manmade Terracotta Army and other artefacts you’ll soon be able to forget a traditional Christmas back home and revel in your holiday adventure.

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