7 Easy Gifts for the New Dad in Your Life


Welcoming a new baby into the family is a happy and exciting reason to celebrate. You want to get the new dad a gift. But what should you buy? There are sentimental keepsakes and personalized items you could give.

However, you could also prefer to get something more practical or fun. Here are 7 easy gifts that every new dad will appreciate.

1. Baby Carrier

Carrying your baby can quickly become tiring. Baby carriers are a very useful piece of equipment for any parent. The carriers make it so much easier to carry your child and keep your hands free for other things. They come in a range of styles and colors and there are a variety of designs to suit different activities.

For the active family, there is no need to stop doing the activities you love. There are backpack style baby carriers for hiking. These are designed to support your child and also have storage for all you need when going on a hike. So new dads can stay active and enjoy exploring the great outdoors with their child safely.

2. Camera

Every new parent is excited to share their beautiful baby with the world and capture every moment. A digital camera or instant camera can be the perfect gift for the new dad who loves to take photos.

Not only will he enjoy playing with his new toy, he can capture all those special moments.

3. Stylish Accessories

Every guy likes to look cool and put together. That can be hard work to do when you are exhausted though. Fashionable accessories can help him stay stylish and feel good.

If he likes to wear jewelry why not get him a ring as a celebratory gift. Itshot’s mens diamond ring collection includes a range of styles from subtle designs to large rings with lots of bling. Whatever his personal style, this gift will be a special way to celebrate.

4. Disney Movies

Disney movies are a classic childhood memory for many of us. Even as adults we can enjoy watching them as lots of people have a favorite Disney animated film.

A Disney DVD is a gift that they can share with their child. Children love the stories and Disney musicals. When they are older they can also enjoy the films on their own. This will give dad some peace and quiet he’ll thank you for.

5. Headphones

Talking of peace and quiet…a new pair of noise-canceling headphones can go down a treat. Help new dads destress and listen to some great music when they get a chance. There are many great options on the market to suit everyone’s style preferences.

6. Coffee and Mug

Sleepless nights are going to leave him tired and in serious need of caffeine. Though expensive coffee will be last on the priority list with a new baby to provide for, make him smile with a fresh bag of his favorite coffee.

You can complete the gift with a fun novelty mug to enjoy drinking his coffee from. If you want to add a more personal touch, have a photograph of the baby or a personal message printed on the mug.

7. Kitchenware

Does he love to cook? Odds are with all the new responsibilities he will be in charge of dinner sometimes anyway. From utensils to instant pots there are so many tools and gadgets available. Even if he is not a budding chef, a gift that can help make things easier in the kitchen will be greatly appreciated.

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