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Most Extraordinary Casinos in the World

Through the years, casino gaming possessed a whole new meaning as more establishments opened its doors to welcome people who are interested in having some fun while playing card and table and other casino gambling games. Today, casinos are rivaling each other not just in table games but also in design, architecture, entertainment, cuisine and many more. And, the world of casino goes beyond the dazzling and glamorous city of Las Vegas. Here is a rundown of the most interesting casinos around the world.

Top Five Luxury Casinos in Asia

Think that Las Vegas is the sole “gambling capital” of the world? Well, you’re wrong. Las Vegas, due to its slightly seedy reputation and its hordes of tourist attractions, has long been popular among gamblers, but its status as a gambling mecca is steadily being surpassed by its peers in the East. An example of this would be Macao, an autonomous city in China which has long exceeded Las Vegas in terms of annual revenue made from gambling.

Following Pink on Tour

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