Top Five Luxury Casinos in Asia

Think that Las Vegas is the sole “gambling capital” of the world? Well, you’re wrong. Las Vegas, due to its slightly seedy reputation and its hordes of tourist attractions, has long been popular among gamblers, but its status as a gambling mecca is steadily being surpassed by its peers in the East. An example of this would be Macao, an autonomous city in China which has long exceeded Las Vegas in terms of annual revenue made from gambling.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best luxury casinos that you can visit in the burgeoning gambling cities of Asia.

1. Paradise Walkerhill Casino – Seoul, South Korea

Inspired by the fast track success of the gambling industry in Macau (which has only blossomed in the last decade), South Korea is looking to open up its doors to foreign gamblers (see related news article from Financial Times here). Earlier this year, award-winning Caesar’s Casino became the first foreign-based company to be allowed to open a casino complex with hotels and a convention center inside Seoul.

While the construction for Caesar’s has not been started yet, gamblers can try another popular gambling establishment in Seoul for the meantime. Paradise Walkerhill Casino (located inside Sheraton Grande Walkerhill) is the only casino in South Korea that specifically caters to foreigners. It also earns the distinction of being the oldest, largest, and most prestigious casino in the country.

2. Venetian Macao – Macau, China

Yes, you heard that right. The famous Venetian, originally from Las Vegas City, has another branch smack dab inside the “Las Vegas of the East.”

But why should you visit this place if it’s another replica of its older brother in Sin City, with its famous indoor canals ala-Venice? Well, first off, Venetian Macau is the largest casino in the world at nearly 550,000 square feet. It’s also one of Asia’s most in-demand entertainment centers and host to countless of international superstars from around the globe. Casino players’ skill levels usually range from beginner to amateur.

3. Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is slated to be the next Macau. One of the most impressive casinos that was recently built on the island’s prime beachfront properties is the Marina Bay Sands Resort, currently billed as the most expensive casino that has ever existed in our time. Apart from its impressive atrium casino (currently the largest in the world), the complex also boasts the largest lights and water show in the whole of South East Asia. It also has the usual luxury hotel amenities such as a world-class hotel, convention facilities, entertainment hubs and a variety of restaurants.

4. Grand Lisboa – Macau, China

Here’s another offering from our favorite gambling capital in the East. While not as grand as its more luxurious peers, Grand Lisboa has the best poker room that you can possibly play in Asia. There are no fancy restaurants or entertainment centers here- you get only pure and unadulterated gambling experience. Be warned though, most of the poker players that play here are professionals. Be prepared to lose especially if you’re a mere amateur.

5. Resorts World Genting – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

While Malaysia is not known to be a gambling country, it is home to one of the most scenic casinos that you can visit in your lifetime. Resorts World Genting, located at the top of the beautiful Titiwangsa Mountains, is one hour away from Kuala Lumpur. If you want a relaxed ambiance and environment, make sure to try this place out if you ever find yourself in Malaysia.

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