Following Pink on Tour


She’s one of the most recognizable music superstars known and loved for her high energy, kick-ass shows that combine theatrical spectacle with stunning light shows and emotional highs and lows.Pretty good for a girl who started in life as Alecia Moore in Pennsylvania and is now known and loved throughout the world as Pink.

The young Alicia Moore started singing in clubs when she was in her teens and never looked back. LaFace Records signed her when she was 16 and she soared into the charts in 2000 with There You Go from her debut album Can’t Take You Home hit #3. Many more hit singles followed, including Lady Marmalade, Get the Party Started and So What, all of which topped the charts.

She moved from R&B style to a more rock oriented approach for her next albums the success of So What, written for the album Funhouse in 2008, inspired her to set up the Funhouse Tour, a record-breaking series of concerts around Europe, America and Australia that became one of the highest-grossing tours in musical history. That tour happened through 2009, and in 2013 she embarked again on a mammoth worldwide tour with The Truth About Love Tour, which ended in January 2014.

Pink’s huge success and popularity is largely due to the fact that she didn’t do things the way the music business expected. She blazed a fiercely independent trail showing off immensely gifted songwriting talents couple to a magnificent voice that attracts millions of fans.

Some have credited her with paving the way for some of the world’s most famous female pop stars, including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry. By breaking the musical mold for female artists, as Madonna had done before her, Pink opened up a world where powerful and iconoclastic writers, singers and performers could develop their own visions of music and stage shows.

Pink tours

Pink has undertaken six tours to date. Audiences now expect a stunning stage show coupled with her trademark powerful vocals, and they are not disappointed. During the 2010 Funhouse Carnival Tour fans eagerly anticipated the opening and they were not let down. The stage filled with showgirls and a cannon shot at a box suspended from a crane high above; Pink fell from the exploding box on a wire to make a spectacular entrance.

Fans have come to expect aerial theatrics as part and parcel of Pink’s shows, together with energetic dancing and unexpected visual treats. But Pink isn’t just about spectacle. Her acoustic songs ramp up the raw emotional level and connect with an audience in ways that contrast with the performance extravaganza for which she is so well known.

The Truth About Love Tour was another phenomenal display of stagecraft and music, opening with Pink being held by three bungee jumping men suspended from the lighting rig as she sang the opening number. At other times she flew over the audience and the pyrotechnics and choreography are all high points of an incredible show.

Everyone’s waiting now for the next tour to be announced.

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