Travel Tips for Solo Travellers


Travelling has often been rated as one of the most frequently indulged-in activities when one needs a stress-buster from work, home or family or just wants to rediscover oneself. Solo travelling can be one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime as you tend to develop a totally different vision towards life when you are travelling alone.

However, the biggest hindrance to plan such a travel is the concern towards one’s safety. This needs to be addressed well as the world is becoming more and more unsafe for lone backpackers or solo women travellers. Here are a few tips that will help you in planning your itinerary and some precautions to be undertaken in case you wish to embark on a journey all alone.

Safety as mentioned earlier can be one of the most prime concerns. Also, your folks back home can be understandably worried if you all alone out there. Staying in constant touch can be one way of assuring them and keeping them, informed of your whereabouts. Also, you will have an option of ensuring your own safety by carrying a cell phone in cases of emergencies. Just remember to have all the required phone numbers at hand!

The best cost-effective service is VOIP calling. Using Internet-based phone services like Google Voice or Skype can be the cheapest way to make international phone calls. Using a free Internet hotspot can turn out to be further cost-cutting. If you are travelling in big cities, you will have ready access to Internet cafes where such a service is available. However, both Wi-Fi hotspot and net cafe usage depends on your being physically present at a specific location. Another option is to use VoIP to make affordable international phone calls from your computer using prepaid international mobile broadband, but it’s more expensive and will end up using your data minutes. You could even avail of other services like local pre paid or post paid cards with your own phone. This will provide you with a local phone number which is much better than international roaming.

Aside of staying in touch, a few other tips to be remembered are a thorough search on the Internet about all the information that you can gather about the place that you wish to visit. This is important as it can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises. Read as much as you can about the local culture, customs, language and places to frequent. Also get acquainted with places not to visit and timings to be avoided when you are travelling alone. When on your toes, try and avoid making an impression that you know nothing about the place, even if you don’t. A visible portrayal can attract unwelcome onlookers who might be aiming at taking you for a not-so-joy ride down the dark lanes of the city. Be constantly alert for stalkers and muggers. Avoid travelling after dark and if you need to, make sure you have a local friend help you out. Youth hostels are a great place to stay at as you stumble upon likeminded people and you get all the information required. Vis-a-vis the documentation, ensure that you have all your places and permits in place to be shown when asked by the local authorities. Do not carry much cash on you. An international credit card or traveller cheques are safer and you could take out just the money required on a short term basis rather than carrying all on you at all times.

Aside of all the precautions to be taken, do not forget to carry your good humour and get into those funny shoes to embark upon a journey that could not just be memorable but also filled with fun. With the right camera to capture all the lovely sights and some fantastic moments, you are on a good go!

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