Zombie Game Alive

Plants vs Zombies is a great Zombie Game out there

The days when everyone was obsessed with the world of zombies has seemly reached an end. The short lived phase included a large range of zombie related movies, PC games and online pokies that covered all the basics and complicated aspects to what our world would be like with the presence of a zombie nation.

One of the most popular shows of all time in the USA was centred on this concept. “The Walking Dead” featured 6 seasons of airtime bliss with millions of fans around the world. There was no mistaking the love and fascination the world experienced for this and other shows.

This era of infatuation has seemed to have slowly died out and brought about slight annoyance of the overdone topic within public eyes. Keeping the zombie fan base alive has proven difficult due to the repetitiveness of the theme in multiple outlets. However, there are a number of developments that are promising to keep the zombie game alive.

The new trailer for the Days Gone PS4 game promises a light at the end of the tunnel. The future release of this game by Bend Studio assures audiences a new lease on the zombie concept within the clutter of old.

This game features “Freakers” which instead of simply being dead creatures actually interact and form communities in ways zombies never have before. Instead of being easy to overcome, these “Freakers” pose a larger threat and therefore make for more exciting entertainment.

This concept is vaguely similar to that of the film 28 days later, where society begins to contract a “rage virus” which resembles dangerous, angry and delusional humans more than un-dead zombies.

The introduction of this innovative zombie concept brings about a renewal in the alluring zombie appeal. The future for zombies remains uncertain, but is undoubtedly not a theme to give up on. Visit online casino newzealand for related online games based on movies and popular characters. You will find popular games such as Tomb Raider where Lara croft fights the zombies.

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