Top Locations for a British Road Trip this Year

There is nothing quite like a road-trip, whether it be with family or friends there is something very exciting about packing up the car and heading out on the open road. Road-tripping is absolute freedom, you aren’t relying on the timings of other transport, you can go where you want and where you want, you can stop whenever necessary and take detours if you see something of interest. Britain is a brilliant place to road-trip, excellent road links, huge motorways and regular stopping points, if you think a British road-trip is for you then here are our top 3 destinations that you could be heading to.



Torquay is a beautiful town on the English Riviera, set in Devon in the far south of England it makes for a wonderful place to spend some time on the coast. With the exception of Cornwall, you cannot get much further south than Torquay and as such it makes for a great road-trip regardless of where you are traveling from, if you are coming from the North then you will be taking roads and motorways than head through Gloucester, the Cotswolds, Bath, Bristol and other areas with beautiful scenery and places to stop. Torquay and the Torbay area has some beautiful coastline, quaint fishing villages like Brixham and plenty around the area to do and see, not just a great road-trip but a beautiful location.


For a truly Scottish experience, take a road trip up to the north eastern city of Inverness, not only does this give you a beautifully scenic drive through the Scottish Highlands, passing lochs and lush green hills on the way, but you will also be visiting one of Scotland’s most beautiful cities. There is much to discover in Inverness and its surrounding areas from old castles, 19th Century architecture, market towns, lots of activities and more National Trust properties than in any other part of Scotland. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or just an epic road-trip, Inverness is the place for you and you can find some great deals on My Voucher Codes.

Gower Peninsula

This beautiful peninsula in southern Wales is the perfect place for a getaway, set on the Bristol Channel it is a quiet part of the World with outstanding natural beauty. This is not just a beautiful destination but the road to it through the Brecon Beacons is one of the most picturesque road-trips that you can take in the British Isles. The Black Mountain pass, also known as the A4069, is a road that snakes through the glorious beacons, expect hairpin turns, sheep roaming across the road and absolutely breathtaking views. The coast of Gower itself is full of untouched beaches and labyrinths of caves, the town is quiet and has lots of little cafes and seafood restaurants and if you want something a little more lively then the city of Swansea is just a 20 minute drive away. As far as road-trips go, they don’t get better than Black Mountain pass and the destination of Gower is the perfect place for you to unwind after your hours on the road.

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