Thrillseeking Abroad

Many of us relieve the stress of work with a relaxing holiday filled with idle hours spent sipping cocktails by the pool or lounging about beside the pool and for many of us this works as an effective way or re-booting our systems. In fact, adopting stress outlets is an essential way of maintaining a healthy mind and body.

However, although relaxing in paradise may be the ideal solution for many, others go in search of a holiday that will help them distress in quite a different way. Yes the trend for thrill seeking activities whilst on holiday are is as popular as ever.

Thrill Seeking hotspots

Death Road Bolivia

The famous death road in Bolivia was crowned the “world’s most dangerous road” in 1995 by the Inter-American Development Bank due to the thousands of deaths which have occurred along its route. But whilst you’d think that this would keep tourists and travellers firmly away from it, the road’s claim to fame has had quite the opposite effect. The seemingly torturous ride down the road drew in over 25,000 thrill seekers in the 1990’s and taking to it by bike continues to a be a must-do activity not just for thrill seekers but for travelers in general.

Highest bungee jump

One of the ultimate adrenaline junkie’s favourite activities is without doubt the bungee jump. The drop at the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in the US offers the highest jump at 1053 ft. The popularity of this undeniably scary activity proves that people use fear as a form of relieving stress. After bungee jumping people are said to be on a high. This is due to the fact that their bodies have released the adrenaline which accompanies the natural fight or flight response in terrifying situations. However, research has revealed that when a person knows they are not in any real danger the rush becomes enjoyable.

Great White Shark Diving

Made infamous and feared among the masses by the Jaws movies, great white sharks are one of nature’s most deadly predators. Diving with great whites usually involves being eased into shark infested waters whilst fish and blood is thrown in. It is thought that this act of baiting whilst lowering people into the water is pushing the sharks to associate humans with food which could have disastrous consequences in the future.

Despite these disturbing findings, shark diving is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as well South both of which have a higher incidence of fatal shark attacks in general.

Running with the bulls in Spain

Four people were injured in Pamplona last October whilst running with the bulls, yet the famous Spanish activity is still popular among tourists and locals alike. Pamplona, Spain offers the most renowned and often gory event of all. The activity usually involves releasing roughly a dozen bulls into a sectioned off part of the town whilst those who take part quite literally run for their lives.

All of these activities clearly highlight great risk and should be terrifying experiences – but the truth remains – many tourists find the feeling of fear thrilling.

Although these activities are mostly carried out with proper safety precautions, things can still go wrong. And whilst you’re within your rights to take part in these activities you should also be made aware of your rights if and when something does go wrong. Even when taking on the most dangerous thrill seeking activity you could still make a holiday accident claim if something does go wrong.

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