Three Kick Ass UK Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

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The UK produces great bands quite obviously. But enough about the Beatles, Oasis and yes even M.I.A. (as much as I love her.) It’s time to talk about three great up-and-coming UK bands you’ve likely never heard of. If you’ve got good taste and you’re smart, (a yes to both I’m sure,) you’ll take advantage of great flight deals to the UK from and check these acts out. After all, you can’t beat the combo of a great holiday destination, great new music to discover and a nice chunk of cash saved so you can spend it on enjoying yourself once you’re there. Take a look at these three bands that are about to break out, and you’ll be sending a thank you later!

∆ (Alt-J)

How’s that for a description of a band’s sound? Part folk, part electronica, all psychedelic, and using the ∆ symbol as their name (aka Alt J… the ∆ is what you get on a mac computer when you hit the alt and J keys non-computer nerd readers!) We’re talking about exciting new bands to see on holiday, and ∆ is one that should not be missed. Their recorded songs are enough to get them on this list, but ∆’s live show’s are fully life changing. Be able to say you’ve seen them and leave others feeling jealous five years from now! ∆ (Alt-J) is so different and exciting they may even name a new music genre after their jams. Look out for the Electro Soul genre to take off once this band officially makes the rounds.

Theme Park

Never mind the Talking Heads, here’s Theme Park! The David Byrne influence is bright and that’s not a bad thing, is it? This band boasts synth-dominated, “smart pop” music that’s just off balance enough to be really, really fun. The underground (and the above ground but in the know) are praising their singles “Wax and Milk” and “Two Hours,” and there’s for sure more to come. Will they be able to match their creativity and hypnotic sounds of the studio live? The answer, so far, has been yes and then some! Find one of the many flight deals to the UK, and see for yourself. Don’t forget a Theme Party t-shirt with some of the extra money you’ve saved. They are also very, very cool.


It may be the return of grunge! But this time the U.K. is ground zero, rather than Seattle. Lo-fi, tuned down guitars, with the experience honed from some say nearly one thousand (you read right one thousand) shows all over East London, Fanzine may soon be the new kings of rock. Check out “L.A.”, “Roman Holiday” or “Dream of You” in advance if you want evidence of how absolutely bad ass Fanzine’s sounds are. It’s possible the best was saved for last, this is certainly a great new band fit to plan the holidays around.

Three great U.K. bands you’ve likely never heard of. None will disappoint, I give you my word. So what’s your plans for the holidays? I for one am aiming to try to catch all three if their schedules synch, (and I think they do,) and save some money while I do. The availability of low cost flights and the low ticket costs are getting used by this music junkie, and I’m setting world records for the best holiday ever. How about you, are you joining me?

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