6 Awesome EDM Festivals in the USA

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If you’re anything like me, Electronic Dance Music has a special place in my heart. I’ve danced and raged to it, written essays to it, and made sweet love to it (TMI?). The possibilities are endless. Here I am giving you the run down on some of the top EDM Festivals here in the U.S. of A. Check them out below!!–more–
h2bElectric Zoo – New York City/b/h2
If you ever want an excuse to take a trip to a href=”https://www.groovetraveler.com/2012/08/26/album-cover-locations-vol-7-new-york-new-york/” target=”_blank”NYC/a, this is it. This is one I can personally vouch for considering I went to E-Zoo in 2011. I only went one day, but man oh man was it awesome. Let’s say someone was 2nd row when Tiesto was playing. (How did I get there you ask? All the way to the right, and up. Oh and if someone stops you, wait till the drop then jump forward. You’re welcome.) Located in NYC’s Randall Island, you can take the trolley with a pass, or (if you’re daring) walk the bridge to the festival. Might as well get some exercise, right?

h2bElectric Daisy Carnival NYC/LA/Las Vegas/Puerto Rico/b/h2
An integral part of West Coast Music has been Electric Daisy Carnival. It’s been around since 1997 and is one of the biggest EDM festivals of the year. What’s absolutely great about this festival is the choice involved. Hit the beaches and catch some sun in LA, or forget absolutely everything in Las Vegas. Last year, however, EDC made it’s jump to the east coast and beyond with shows in NYC and even Puerto Rico! With its ever expanding line up and location, check out their site if you’d like to be up to date on where its held next.

h2bUltra Music Festival – Miami/b/h2
Ultra is like EDC’s equally awesome twin brother who decided to move away and own the other side of the country. Its easily one of the most recognized EDM concerts, and it’s held in beautiful, sunny Miami. I had a friend who took a trip from NYC down to Miami just for the weekend festival. Considering its popularity, it would be ideal for you to grab your tickets well in advance(my tip? sign up for the mailing list now and watch out for early bird tickets.)

h2bNocturnal Wonderland – Texas amp; California/b/h2
BBQ is not the only awesome thing that’s down in Texas (which alone should entice you anyway) but also the likes of Nocturnal Wonderland, which is an event held in the Spring(around end of April) in Apache Pass, downtown Texas. There’s also one in, surprise surprise, a href=”https://www.groovetraveler.com/2012/08/27/rock-nroll-travel-best-american-music-festivals/” target=”_blank”California/a.

emTexas: http://nocturnalwonderland.com/TX//em

emCalifornia: http://nocturnalwonderland.com/CA//em
h2bMovement Electronic Dance Festival – Detroit/b/h2
Yes, Detroit. Who would have thought right? You can thank the Movement Electronic Dance Festival, which boasted around 100,000+ people last year and will continue to grow. It’s being held on Memorial Day weekend(May 25-27), and while it’s sold out already, check back for next year’s tickets. Oh by

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the way, did I mention the 3-day passes were only $75? Nuff’ said.

h2bBounce – Various U.S. Cities/b/h2
This one’s called Bounce Music Festival and last year it was hosted in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico and was hosted last March. I kid you not, this is intense. What’s awesomely great is that these festivals show up around once every one or two months(there were a bunch in October, November and December around the US.) No tickets are available for any upcoming events right now, but check out their site.


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