Skiing in Canada, Eh? You Can Count Me in, and Here’s Why!

Skiing may have been invented in Europe, but it is upon the Canadian slopes this sport has been perfected. There are four main areas in Canada that offer the best in skiing locations; Whistler-Blackcomb in British Columbia, the Canadian Rockies, the British Columbia Interior or Okanagan, and Quebec. Each of these areas varies in skiing conditions and prices, thus allowing the travelling enthusiast a bounty of options and reasons to spend their holiday skiing in Canada.

While Colorado may get world reclaim, Canada’s Whistler-Blackcomb has been named the number one ski resort in North America by SKIING magazine. A title it has held for the last 12 years on account of its great snow, extensive terrain and skiing trails, and its highly rated nightlife. Whistler-Blackcomb boats of three glaciers, 12 bowls, and over 200 marked trails spanning across its 8,100 acres of ski-able terrain. This area averages an astounding 39.1 feet of heavy snow every year throughout its extended season, which lasts from November to July.

While Whistler-Blackcomb may be best known of Canada’s skiing resorts, it is by no means the be all end all of what Canada has to offer ski-wise. Spanning out from this skiing mecca, the holiday skier will find even more reasons to love Canadian skiing.

Within the Canadian Rockies lies the Banff National Park, home to three of the world’s best ski resorts; Lake Louise Mountain Resort, Sunshine Village, and Ski Banff at Norquay. At all of these skiing paradises, enjoy an extra long ski session running from December to April with great powder snow and fantastic mountain views.

For those more interested in alpine skiing, the holiday skier needs only to look to the British Columbia Interior. Here, not only will travellers find cheaper accommodation than the the more renown Whistler-Blackcomb, but they will also enjoy a sunnier and more mild winter climate. Don’t be misled, sunny and mild temperatures do not necessarily equate with less of an adventure, skiing in British Columbia Interior offers huge verticals, epic snowfalls, and an expansive back country covering varied terrain.

While researching this article, I spent a good deal of time researching the country’s offering and comparing prices using this online ski travel agent. My research indicated that travellers on a tight budget, Canada offers a great skiing experience at the fraction of the cost of its Quebec regions. While the slopes may be less ambitions than those in Western Canada, they are offer just as much, if not in some cases more so, excitement. For downhill skiers, Quebec offers exceptional sport conditions with seasons lasting from late November to late April, sometimes stretching into May. Each season offers an average of 10 feet of snow and night skiing possibilities unlike any other North American area. In Quebec, skiers will not only be treated with great skiing conditions, but this area also boats of its grand parties. Throughout the region’s ski resort towns travellers can expect to be caught in the revelry prompted by numerous winter carnivals and festivals. Quebec’s joie de vivre is famous throughout Canada, and each successive party can get even more exciting than the one that came before. After a day spent in the sun, enjoy kicking off the snow and joining with other holiday travellers and locals to experience the wild nightlife.

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