Rock N’ Roll Travel: Best Corsica Music Festivals

best Corsica music festivals
Getting down at Calvi on the Rocks

Corsica, also known as the island of beauty, is an island located off the coast of Italy belonging to France. Formed as a result of volcanic activity, it is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its magnificent setting and scenery, Corsica has emerged as a leading tourist destination in the region. Little do people know though however, about the number of fantastic Corsica music festivals that take place throughout the year.

Yep. With its rich musical heritage this little island truly rocks! Here are five cool Corsica music festivals you might want to think about loading up the cooler for and rocking out at.

Best Corsica Music Festivals: Nuits de Guitar – 18-25 July

A mainstay of the Corsican music scene, Nuits de Guitar incorporates many different genres of music including blues, jazz and rock. Bringing together guitar maestros from all over the world, the cool thing about this festival is that you can see your favorite artists without the hustle and bustle of larger shows in big cities around the world. Some of the notable acts who have played in the past include The Stooges, Tom Jones (still rockin’) and The Beach Boys. This ones a big one, so look online to book a rental villa in Corsica well in advance if you want to rock out in true style.

Best Corsica Music Festivals: Calvi Jazz Festival – 20-24 June

Considered the top music festival in Corsica, the Calvi Jazz Festival is an annual event held in the the streets of Calvi around its plush marina. Considered a notable calendar event for jazz aficionados the world over, the Calvi Jazz Festival features local musicians and other internationally renowned artists. Not always jazz, the festival also pays homage to other genres of live music by throwing both rock and blues acts into the mixer. Nothing quite beats the killer view of misty mountains while slipping away to soothing sounds. That’s why Calvi is considered one of the best!

Best Corsica Music Festivals: Reconctres de Chants-Polyphonous de Calvi – 11-15 September

Held in the month of September, this popular Corsican festival is a little later in the calendar but just as busy. Held in Calvi Citadel and hosted by a group known as Filleta, The Reconctres de Chants-Polyphonous de Calvi is a local festival that promotes the rich culture of the nation and features polyphony singing, a type of acapella synonymous with Corsican history. The Filleta invites other notable groups from around the world to take part in the event, meaning that the festival takes the form of a cultural interchange rather than a Corsican show-off. The perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals and learn about is fascinating culture too!

Best Corsica Music Festivals: Calvi On the Rocks – 6-11 July

As opposed to the majority of Corsican festivals, Calvi on the Rocks is a contemporary music and art event that rivals its more modern festivals on the mainland. Featuring various genres of music such as techno, electronic music and dubstep, the festival is a spin off from the original series in the Balearics. That Mediterranean breeze coupled with pulsating electronic music and plenty of cocktails for good measure? That’s the Corsican high-life my friends.

Best Corsica Music Festivals: Festivoce June – September

An event focusing mainly on local Corsican music and art, Festivoce is a series of various events that culminate in one major blow out on the final festival day. Attracting large crowds of people – both locals and tourists – Festivoce provides a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the local culture in a rather unique setting.

Thinking about rocking out at Corsica music festivals? Make sure you come a few weeks prior so as to have a true Mediterranean experience. Make no mistake. This little island is just as rocking as the big ones!

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