Quick and Easy Ways to Care for Skin when Traveling

If only traveling to overly hot or humid places and extremely cold ones don’t affect our skin, right?

Traveling to other places naturally has different effects on our skin. From cold winter nights and hot, humid air, there are countless factors that can cause our skin to dry out or get irritated. This is why skin care takes higher importance when traveling.

Follow our tips below to keep your face and body glowing and healthy while traveling.


Take essential skin care products. You don’t have to bring your entire arsenal of skin care products, just a few choice products will suffice your skin protection goals. Our skin tends to dry out or get oily while traveling, so consider bringing a moisturizer or oil-blotting paper with you. Also, an enriching balm and a night cream will give your skin a deep moisturizing action while you’re sleeping.

Give your skin some slack. Girls tend to put on a heavy layer of makeup during hot summer nights, but let your skin take a break during the day. This is very important when it’s hot and humid, as sweating and heat can aggravate the skin, causing blotchiness, redness or even breakouts. During the evening, you should ditch the foundation or heavy makeup, instead go for a basic moisturizer and a bit of lip gloss.  You must also remove your makeup before sleeping. Keep baby wipes with you at all times for a fast emergency cleansing.

Cover up. Or well, avoid the sun altogether (if that is at all possible). You should avoid the sun when it is at its highest point of the day (12nn-2pm), you should also stay in the shade or cover up with a wide-brimmed hat or umbrella when going out. Wearing decent clothing and sunglasses will help protect your skin from sun damage.

Protect your skin against the sun. I can’t stress enough the importance of bringing sun protection when traveling to other places – even when going out of your house. Protect yourself with a high and broad-spectrum SPF sunblock. Higher SPF obviously offers more sun protection against sunburn and radiation. Many aspects affect how your skin is at risk of sun damage, these include the length of time you are out in the sun and the sun intensity itself. When using sunscreen, apply liberal amounts and cover all uncovered skin areas. And if you expect to swim or do a lot of summer activities, make sure to purchase waterproof sunblock.

Rehydrate yourself. Keeping your body supplied with water is a surefire way to avoid heat-related health and skin issues. Keep a bottle of water on hand when going out in the sun. Getting dehydrated will cause many kinds of skin problems, from sallow complexion to dryness to eczema and acne breakouts. Ouch!

There you have it. Keep in mind that everyone has different skin types and thus, special ways of keeping it safe during travels. As such, you should visit a dermatologist or your doctor if you have sensitive skin problems or particular concerns like pale skin, blotches, itches or heat-related allergies.

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