Music Festival Battle: Iceland vs. Greenland

touring the Arctic Circle

Touring the arctic circle definitely means that you’re going to have all kinds of options when it comes to activities to engage in during your holiday. This is due to the fact that you will have a wide variety of destinations to choose from as well as a number of activities to pick from once you get there. You may even be left in a dilemma wondering where to go.

But if you’re planning a trip to the arctic circle, there are two music and cultural festivals in particular that you’ll have the opportunity to check out. Both of them are packed with fun and lots of activities that you will be able to enjoy with your family as well as friends. But how to choose? Here we pit the Iceland Airwaves Festival against the Greenland cultural festival to see who should come out on top.

The Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, held in Iceland every year, is a very popular festival that has been dubbed by many who have had the opportunity to attend it as a must-attend, due to the amount of fun that they have had. This is a festival that is appropriate for attendees of all ages, meaning that you can have your family tag along. There are fun activities meant for kids as well as teenagers. It is unlike other music festivals that normally involve aspects that are non friendly for minors.

At this festival you can be sure to experience some seriously great music, as there are many world renowned bands, orchestras as well as many upcoming musicians who grace the Airwaves. This is a great way to get your music career going, as amateurs are also given a chance to belt their own tunes to the masses in attendance. Apart from music, there are other activities that you may engage in once in Iceland. Such activities include touring the golden circle as well as immersing yourself into the hot springs at Blue Lagoon. You also have the alternative of going to the art museum as well as enjoy some of the best cuisine in the world. This includes some lobster soup at Sea Barron.

In Greenland, on the other hand, you could forget about Iceland and check out the annual Greenland Culture Festival. There are a lot of activities that usually go on during the festival in Greenland. The culture of the people of Greenland is known to be similar to that of the Inuit. Here you will be in a position to enjoy their music, their meals as well as enjoy activities that include ice-fishing and dog-sled racing. The music here is all about drum dancing as well as other forms of traditional dancing that you are unlikely to see anywhere else in the world. Here you will also be able to experience a diversity of Nordic cultures.

So which festival is better? The truth is, when it comes to great music, kick ass culture and an unforgettable vacation, both spots fit the bill. They may not have the sun and warmth of Spanish music festivals, but Iceland and Greenland both hold their own. So rather than picking a winner, keep both festivals in mind the next time you’re looking to tour the arctic circle.

Photo Credit: pocius

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