Make Money Whilst Helping Others When You Travel

Teaching ESL is a great way to Make Money Whilst Helping Others When You Travel
Photo by CC user G0h4r on Wikimedia Commons

People have always been fascinated with travelling, and there are numerous historical accounts of people who have travelled to other countries and taken up local work to pay their way. In the digital age, this has just become a lot easier. If our ancestors can do it without any technology to aid them, why can’t we? Here are a few tips that can help you earn while you travel. It can be a very enriching experience.

Teaching English

One of the advantages of coming from an English-speaking country is that the language is indispensable all over the world. It is considered the de facto global business language. With this skill, you can opt for teaching the language in remote corners of the world. There is always an opening available somewhere and many institutes don’t even require certification. If you are proficient in any other language, you can offer your services but most other languages don’t have the same level of demand.


It takes a while to build up a successful and profitable freelancing business, but it is a great way to continue working while travelling. Irrespective of what kind of skills you have, you can work all around the world with a laptop and an internet connection. Whether you are a lawyer, translator, writer, engineer, web designer, programmer, or travel agent, you can work on the road. There are also sites like Upwork and Guru especially built for freelancers through which you can apply for work.

Working holidays

If you happen to be a citizen of a first world country, chances are that you will be able to avail yourself of working holiday visas offered by different countries. Blocked to many countries in Africa, South America and Asia, this option is available to North Americans and Europeans. Age is also a factor, since most of these visas are offered to people between 18 – 30 years old. Nevertheless, if you fit into all the categories, it is a great way to earn while travelling.

Travel Blogging / Writing

Travel blogging is not very lucrative – at first. But if you manage to garner interest and develop a reputation, it is possible that you can develop it as a business. Travel magazines, sites, and blogs might hire you at times to write for them. If you manage to establish this kind of base, you can fund most of your travelling through these assignments. Sometimes, even tourism departments offer travel writers to visit and write about an event or place.

House sitting

An excellent way to cut down on travel costs is to house sit for someone. All you have to do is take care of some minor duties, ensure that the place is left clean and feed the pets. After this, you are free to do whatever you want. This job is usually not paid but because accommodation comprises a huge chunk of travel costs, it makes travelling much more viable. It is an excellent idea to build up a network so that you get repeat assignments and are also recommended to others. Online sites like Trusted House Sitters are an excellent source of house sitting work.

Online Trading

If you are good with numbers and have some knowledge of the finance markets, a very good option for earning money while travelling is online trading. There are some great options out there including the CMC Markets, which is believed to be one of the most reliable trading markets. You will need to keep in touch with the financial news but with the internet, that’s no problem.

Writing a Tour Guide

One of the fun parts of taking a holiday is sharing your experience with others and helping them plan their own holidays. Writing a tour guide or even working as a tourist guide is an excellent way to put your knowledge, experience, and talent to use in order to make money whilst helping others when you travel. Many travel agencies hire tour guides on the spot for a short time period. You can also do this by offering tourism services on your blog. This is, however, an option only for experienced travellers.

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