Best Practices For Packaging Your Products

Whether you run a drop shipping company or an online store, if you aren’t placing heavy focus on the way in which you are packaging products then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. This is something which so many businesses get wrong and they have been so focused on minimizing packaging and ensuring that products arrive safely too the customer, both important of course, we need to go even further to really take advantage of the opportunity which is presented to us here.


If you package and send products to customers, here are some best practices which you should think about using.


If your product arrives in a plain cardboard box or a bag which isn’t branded then you have a high chance of losing repeat custom. This is why you should look at branding the materials which you use so that the customer knows exactly where the product is coming from. We live in a world where so much is bought online, and you need to stand out from the rest. Something as simple as a Sticker  You custom sticker can add identity to the product and add visibility to your brand. This is easy to do and online you can find companies which produce customer stickers and offer a Sticker You sticker maker tool so that you can get the exact branding you want.

Repeat Custom

Your job here is to wow the customer, let  them know who you are and give them a reason to come back to you. The best way to do this? Promotional marketing. A simple note offering your gratitude and pleasure that they have shopped with you and offering them a one-time-only coupon code for 20% off for example is sure to bring them back to you. They say that once a customer has used a business 3 times that they are 78% more likely t o continue to do so in the future, that is why the packaging is so vital.

Giving a Smile

People like things which are different, they like creativity and they enjoy having a smile put on their face. When you are packaging up your goods, think of little extras that you can add into the package which will deliver this. It could be a small pack of gummy sweets, a poem, a personalized letter or even a small beanie toy. You don’t have to spend big  in order to achieve this and for a small outlay you can make a huge difference to how the product is received.

Call to Action

If you don’t go down the direct promotional marketing route then you could present a call to action which can really help secure the customer. A note inside with an exclusive offer when they go to a particular website is also a great way to use promo marketing, and help boost your email list. Send them to a landing page where they have to enter their email address, give them a great reward and then you have both impressed the customer and secured their details for further marketing.

This package is your opportunity to land that customer, don’t waste it.

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