Enhance Your Playlists With “Grovy Lane,” a Well-Produced Track by Max Foxx and Nicky Renard

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Like most people, you probably depend on music to make activities more pleasant, whether while making dinner or commuting to work. However, if the playlists you love sound a little stale, liven them up with “Grovy Lane.”

Performed by Max Foxx and Nicky Renard, it’s the lead single from a forthcoming full-length album recorded in Nashville. Although the album will provide you with lots of sonic sustenance, the single is a powerful taste of what’s to come, and more than enough to get you interested in what this pair offers. You just may deem it unlike anything else you’ve heard before, thanks to the intelligent blend of engaging vocals and complex instrumental breaks.

How This Song Came To Be

Song creation is not a uniform process by any means. Some artists compose lyrics to songs while they stand in the shower or get the main ideas for a song’s theme while running down a trail at a park. Songs may come to fruition in days, weeks or even throughout many years.

In the case of “Grovy Lane,” Foxx composed the acoustic guitar progression of the verses and chorus in 1976, but because he wasn’t satisfied with the song at that time, he didn’t do anything more with it. Recently, Renard added several parts and turned it into the current version. The tune includes many examples of guitar-driven talent that just may make you want to learn the instrument too.

Although the song’s foundations were created decades ago, it’s been skillfully updated for current times, featuring supplementary instruments, such as drums and an acoustic 12-string guitar. They help the song have a lasting impression and make you want to listen again and again.

Follow This Duo Today

To learn more about Max Foxx and Nicky Renard, visit https://www.facebook.com/maxfoxxandnickyrenard and maxnicky.com/. You can stream “Grovy Lane” on Spotify or buy it on iTunes now. Stay tuned for more details about this duo’s album, and visit their contact page to sign up for a newsletter.

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