5 Must Do Family Activities in Barbados


Sitting on the eastern edge of the Caribbean island chain, this former British colony is a great choice for a family-oriented vacation. English is widely spoken, and you’ll find Barbados family villa rentals well stocked with all the amenities you will ever need. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular activities that families are drawn to while on vacation in Barbados.

Explore Harrison’s Cave

This is one of the island’s top attractions, where a tram leads visitors down to witness some true geological wonders. Calcium-rich water has eroded through limestone rock for ages, leaving unique stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Guests are allowed to leave the tram at selected points of the tour, including its extreme lowest level where a waterfall plunges into a deep pool below. The cave tour is available every day of the week, from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Credit: Andrea_44
Credit: Andrea_44

Atlantis Submarine Tour

The Atlantis Submarine company is famed for its underwater tours that offer the chance to explore coral reefs and shipwrecks from the comfort of an actual submarine. Piloted by a professional crew, the fully narrated tour is available both day and night, offering dramatically different experiences.

Right out the view port, you’ll get an intimate look at colorful coral formations as well as tropical marine life, without even getting wet. VIP and exclusive small group reservations are also available, if you want a truly memorable experience.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Set in natural mahogany woods across the road from the Farley Hill National Park, this wildlife reserve is a thrilling way to experience local animals in their natural habitat. There are only a few cages here (such as those for dangerous snakes), as most freely stroll, play, and eat together.

Credit: Ins1122
Credit: Ins1122

The birds and reptiles are big attractions, but Barbados Green Monkeys are the real show stoppers. They are actually free to leave the reserve as they please, and often do so. Visitors often flock to see them during feeding time in the afternoon.

Bath Beach

There are many gorgeous beaches to explore in Barbados, with Bath being a real favorite among families. It is one of the safer areas for swimming, snorkeling, and all kinds of water sports, with calm, clear waters and little undertow. Surrounding casuarinas trees mean there are plenty of shaded areas for a nice family picnic, and there’s even a children’s play area nearby. Bath is located on the island’s east coast, in the parish of St. John.

Island Jeep Tour

For a unique tour of the island, consider signing on for a safari jeep expedition. Guides share the island’s nature, history and culture along the way, seeking out hidden spots that are otherwise inaccessible. The off-road experience treks through gullies, forest, and remote bays to give you a complete look at all Barbados has to offer.

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