Educational Vacations for Families in the USA

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Just because school may be out, there is no reason why your children have to stop learning and this does not mean summer camp. When you take your family vacation this year, consider going to a place that will be an education, not just for your kids, but for you too.

Places of interest

An educational vacation need not be as grim as it sounds, never fear. There are different types of education and they are not all to be found in the schoolroom. An educational vacation can open your children up to things they may never have wanted to be involved with before, either because they thought they were geeky or simply too hard to understand. It can also be a great opportunity to educate your children about other people and other cultures so they do not have an insular view of the world.

Like any holiday, an educational vacation will take planning, working out where to go, what to see and where to stay. A company such as Outdoor-Traveler can help you with all these aspects if you are looking for an outdoor vacation in North America. They can help you choose the type of accommodation you want for your family, ranging from lodges to grand villas, and many of these are centered around places of historical interest, such as Shenandoah Valley, the famous battlefield, and Williamsburg, also in Virginia. This latter place boasts the world’s largest living history museum, so you and your children can really get involved and watch reenactors bring past battles to life before your eyes.

Digging for dinosaurs is sure to grab the attention of your children. This can be done at Faith in San Diego where digs are arranged for the whole family to enjoy. This trip will not be just about getting a spade and digging a hole, but will be a fun and interactive step into science and may spark an interest in Paleontology that could inspire a child to take it up as a career.

Yet more science fun can be found in Huntsville, Alabama, when you and your family take a space camp vacation. Here, your children can test flight simulators and learn how to build a space rocket. They will get a taste of what it is like to be involved in a real space mission as they monitor mocked up space shuttle launches, get up close and personal with a recreation of a Mars mountain and experience a cruise without gravity.

Do you have a budding Steven Spielberg in the family? Then you should head for Orlando in Florida to Walt Disney World. Forget the characters walking around and the rides, you and your family can learn how to make a Disney cartoon by drawing characters, working with others to make an animated story, and learn how the medium can be used to express ideas.

An educational vacation, such as those described above, can be a lot more fun than endless days spent at the beach. Make your vacation something special for the whole family be setting out to learn something new.

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