Discovering the Top 10 Winter Festivals in Spain

Head to Spain and discover the incredible culture and exciting festivals that this vibrant country offers throughout the winter months. Spain is home to a huge array of festivals all through the year; however, the ones over the chilly season are always that little bit more enchanting. Join the locals this winter and get a slice of Spanish music, culture and more.

Top 10 Winter Festivals in Spain: September

Throughout the winter months, there are several festivals which celebrate the exciting cuisine that Spain has to offer. In September, you can enjoy the Jerez sherry festival, which attracts thousands of visitors on the first Saturday of the month. The festival is held for three weeks and is a fantastic way to experience local traditions such as flamenco as well as getting merry on sherry.

Cava week is also held in September and will allow you to taste one of Spain’s best known beverages produced locally. The distinct Catalan flavors are unique in Cava. As it the huge fiesta throughout the week, involving fireworks, dancing, laughter, and many jovial locals.

Top 10 Winter Festivals in Spain: October

If you choose to visit Spain in October you’ll be able to find local fiestas, which are smaller, and more personal to every village and town. The Spanish love these events and everyone gets together, dresses in traditional costumes and has an amazing time. The biggest fiesta in October is the Pilar festival which celebrates the appearance of the blessed Virgin Mary.

Top 10 Winter Festivals in Spain: November and December

November is a quieter month as the locals begin to prepare for the many days and nights of celebration throughout December. Alongside the traditional Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you will discover that there is a long festival from the 6th-9th December. This is to celebrate the Immaculate Conception, and the Constitution Day.

Both of these events are huge and all local businesses, schools and government buildings will close. There are several church services around this time and you’ll see many local churches decorated specially for the holidays.

Spanish people traditionally celebrate Christmas on the 24th, when friends and family gather for dinner and drinks.

Top 10 Winter Festivals in Spain: January and the New Year

Moving into the New Year Spain undergoes a huge celebration with many people choosing to catch a flight to Spain to join in the fun. Take part in the famous Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes as the bells chime to signify another new year.

Music is a huge part of Spanish culture around this time of year too. You may want to be in Spain when the january jazz festivals kick off. Regardless of your taste, there are many different music festivals to see and witness, both in the cities and in smaller regions around the country.


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