3 Unmissable Attractions in Mauritius

The island nation of Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands and lies in the Indian Ocean approximately 2,000 kilometres from the southeast coast of Africa. Mauritius enjoys recognition as being one of the world’s most frequented luxury destinations. Guests find numerous indoor and outdoor activities while visiting the island.

These are just three of the best things you can do if you are on holiday in Mauritius, but as you can see on Dealchecker’s guide to holidays in Mauritius, there are many more things you could do.

Le Chateau de Labourdonnais

The estate spans over 566 hectares and includes a garden along with the chateau. The chateau houses a distillery, museum and restaurant. Christian Wiehe constructed the current two-story Italian neo-classical building in 1856. The gardens and orchards boast expansive walkways that encourage exploration of the property. The orchards contain over 50 species of fruit bearing and spice trees that include guava, mango and papaya along with clove and nutmeg. A portion of the property serves as home to Aldabra tortoises.

The facility offers tours of the expansive home boasting Victorian décor and furnishings. Touring the distillery gives visitors an inside look at the rum making process. A tasting bar provides the opportunity for sampling the many rum varieties manufactured on the estate. The estate boutique shop features the varied rums plus the jams, jellies and juices made from the orchard fruits. The shop also features the works of local artisans.

Mauritius Safari and Bird Park

This 4,500-hectare nature reserve park lies on the southwestern region of the island beside Rempart Mountain. The park serves as home to numerous animal species that include cheetahs, lions and tigers in addition to deer, monkeys and wild boar. The bird park portion of the reserve cares for 150 species of birds from five continents and includes the rare Pink Pigeon. The park also has a children’s corner, petting farm and a restaurant.

The facility offers tours through designated areas of the park on foot, by Segway, quad bike or 4×4 vehicle. While the opportunity of seeing wildlife in a natural habitat is a memorable experience, the reserve exceeds expectations by offering close encounters with the big cats. Either through a guided walking tour or a guided trip into one of the specified animal enclosures, guests experience unforgettable hands-on interactions with some of the cats.

Underwater Adventures

While a good number of holiday enthusiasts participate in snorkelling or scuba diving, many more individuals do not, thus missing the fascinating world that lies beneath the water’s surface. However, in Mauritius, guests need not be certified divers or even have swimming ability. For decades, glass bottom boats offered a means of taking a peek at the subsurface environment. Mauritius tour companies additionally have vessels equipped with glass windowed ship hulls that provide a more enhanced viewing experience. Submarine tours journey to depths of up to 35 metres beneath the surface, offering the chance to see marine life and historic shipwrecks.

Thanks to modern technology, innovative equipment enables individuals with an even closer underwater experience via cruising scooters and specialised diving helmets. The scooters accommodate one or two passengers. An air filled cabin equipped with a 360 view window fits over each rider’s head. Using a button for controlling depth and pedals for gauging acceleration, the scooter traverses the underwater environment at depths of up to four meters. Licensed certified divers accompany each excursion group. Wearing specially designed diving helmets and weight belts, guests also have the option of experiencing subsurface guided walking tours.

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