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Quick and Easy Ways to Care for Skin when Traveling


If only traveling to overly hot or humid places and extremely cold ones don’t affect our skin, right? Traveling to other places naturally has different effects on our skin. From cold winter nights and hot, humid air, there are countless factors that can cause our skin to dry out or get irritated. This is why skin care takes higher importance when traveling. Follow our tips below to keep your face and body glowing and healthy while traveling. Take essential skin care products. You don’t have to bring your entire arsenal of skin care products, just a few choice products will…

Ideas for jobs abroad


Want to experience the best destinations that the world has to offer, but can’t see your way out of your depressing cubicle? Fear not, as there are variety of career choices that can make perpetual world travel a reality for those that have the courage to make a big lifestyle shift. Below, we will profile four possibilities out of a universe of innumerable options for those that are looking to break out of the traditional life mold in which so many find themselves trapped… Au Pair/Nanny If you are good with kids, then serving as a nanny for wealthy families…

What to do in Looe!


Photo by CC user Graham Hogg on A small coastal town and fishing port located within the autonomous county of Cornwall in the United Kingdom, Looe has become a very popular holiday destination for Britons and foreigners looking for a spectacular place to spend their time off. With an abundance of historical and natural attractions that can be found within the town and within a short distance of its center, the challenge is not finding things to do while holidaying here with your family, it’s figuring out what to do in Looe first. So if you plan to enjoy…

Top 5 Things to do in Amsterdam


Amsterdam has gained notoriety in previous decades for it’s liberal approach to cannabis use and prostitution and for a long time was considered something of a ‘sin city’. Whilst these practices still go on, thankfully the city is now recognised for the beautiful metropolis and great European city that it is. Amsterdam currently receives just over 4 million tourists each year and a further 16 million day-trippers and with so much in the city to do and see, it’s easy to understand why so many flock to the Dutch capital. If you happen to be visiting the city then here is…

Live like The Celebs..No, Really!

celeb home infographic

Ever think you deserve to live like the celebs get to? Well, now you can! Check out this infographic produced by Schofields by clicking here which shows some former celebrity homes that you can actually rent! You can lay your head where Mick Jagger did, create where William Dafoe did and much more. For your convenience, we’ve shared the cool infographic below as well!

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