The Playlist: Top 10 Songs to Play on a German Roadtrip

The motorhead's wet dream

The word on the European streets is that Germany is one of the best places to go on a roadtrip for some serious postcard-worthy shit. I went on one with my family when I was 9-years-old on my first visit abroad and it was great! I loved every minute of my time in that car with my fingers clutched tight around my Gameboy. My little self? Couldn’t recommend it enough.

So when you find yourself whizzing through the notorious no-speed-limit Autobahns of Germany to set free your inner Micheal Schumacher, or even when twisting around the scenic Bavarian alps on the famous (and rather offensively cheesily named) “Romantic Road” for some great car-seat scenery, you need music. Fact.

Nope, too pretty! Best put on some coldhearted industrial 80's pop. (Photo cc joiseyshowaa)

Those laughing cows with bells around their necks, cute chalet houses vomiting red geraniums, fairy tale castles and sugary snow clad mountaintops? It’s best to have an antidote to all that prettyness in the form of some glorious German industrial music, krautrock and synth tunes!

Here’s what GrooveTraveler suggests:

Fur Immer – Neu!

An epic song by the German krautrock band Neu!, Fur Immer sounds like it was solely created to be listened to while driving on the long stretches of Germany’s Autobahns. The bands second album, simply named Neu 2! is in fact a great roadtrip album as a whole – just keep it rolling and you’ll be in motorway heaven too no doubt.

Autobahn – Kraftwerk

For obvious reasons, the German golden boys’ of industrial music’s ode to the Autobahn has to be in the mix. It just has to. End of discussion. If you crave more of the Kraft then stick on the ever classic Computerwelt album and let the nerdyness wash over you.

I’m in love with a German Filmstar – The Passions

This one hit wonder in 1981 by obscure British band The Passions might not be the most obvious choice, but it’s misty melody is weirdly captivating and perfect to play when gliding through the empty suburbs of German cities at night. Plus it has an irresistible title.

Drei tage wagh – Lützenkirchen

A popular club hit in 2008, Drei tage wagh (three day shift) keeps you going when your eyes start to get bleary and your bum is hurting after hours of driving.

Du hast mich – Rammstein

Yeah yeah, bring on the rock clichés.

Liebe auf dem erte blick – Daf

Did you say German catchy 80’s synth pop tune? You got it! Also, I dare you to adopt the frontman’s slick dancemoves while seated in the car.

Da Da Da – Trio

This German hit has to tag along, it´s just too naff and happy to miss.

First We Take Manhattan – Leonard Cohen

The title may be a bit decieving, but if you listen carefully the next line is “then we take Berlin” and that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Onward followers!

The Sad Skinhead – Faust

A nice little krautrock song by the pioneers of the gerne, Faust. Are skinheads ever happy?

99 Luftballoon – Nena

And there it is, the one we we’ve all been waiting for, secretly hoping it would be on this list despite our best efforts to discard it as an obvious banal choice. Embrace it! Embrace the glorious cold synth!

So that’s it for Groovetraveler’s German music playlist. Have we missed any of your favourites? Or are there some other pumping tunes we should know about?

Let us know in the comments below… 

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