The Beatles in Britain: Touring the Band’s Legacy

There is hardly any music lover who has not heard about the Beatles. Originally formed in the early 60’s in Liverpool, the rock band from England has managed to pave the way for a new music culture and has revolutionized the way English rock music was perceived. The band was equally popular with youngsters as well as critics and received applause for their versatility to play different music genres ranging from psychedelic rock music to classical pop ballads with alacrity. The beatle mania was quite evident from the footfall of the various tours conducted by the band all over United Kingdom. Today we’re taking a look at three famous places the Beatles performed in the UK.

The Beatles in Britain: Gatwick Airport

It was the year 1964 when the Beatles had filmed their can’t buy me love scenes at the Gatwick Airport. The song sequence was being filmed for the movie called A Hard Day’s Night. The huge crowd showed that the popularity of the band is far from getting over in the coming years. Women, children as well as adults cheered the entire band when the shooting started in Isleworth. While Harrison, Lennon and McCartney were filmed at a position when they were seen to be jumping from a ladder made of wood, when the person in charge of camera and sound was standing on the ground. The other scenes captured the various band members running and singing when the shooting came to an end at 1 a.m. If you are planning to visit the location now, you can see a playground there. You can even check out one of the Gatwick Airport Hotels when planning your trip to see this famed location.

The Beatles in Britain: Hard Fought-For Shows in Luton

In the year 1964, Odeon Cinema was to host the third performance of the band in Luton. While John Smith was promoting the entire event, it was Brian Epstein who finally granted permission to the band to conduct a concert. The decision was welcomed by a huge number of Luton residents, even seen as Beatles fanatics. Apart from this concert, there have been three other performances of the band here. One was held in the year 1963 in the Majestic Ballroom that was received with thorough popularity and the other two in the next year held at the Ritz Cinema. If you include this city on your Beatles tour, you can check out for deals at Luton.

The Beatles in Britain: Legendary London

The Beatles have performed all over London, but there are certain places that are regarded as special Beatles Spots. While one can avail a guided tour to these places to see the location and be mesmerized with the band once again, a person can even take a cab or a bus and reach there. Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park Corner, Baker Street, Tottenham Court Road and St. John’s Wood are some of the favorite hot spots of the band. Heathrow Hotel deals through can help keep this more expensive leg of your journey within reason as well.

While the popularity of the Beatles cannot be termed as the effort of one particular band member or performance place, the owes its fame in large part to the bravado of its lineup of George Harrison, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. Their performances at the above mentioned places remain among the most memorable of so many shows across the UK that captivated fans and cemented the band’s place at the top of rock and roll history.

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