The Band is Gonna Make It

making it as a band

Being in a band is one of the most enjoyable experiences that one can have. Not only does it allow musicians to communicate with each other and progress at their craft, but those who do it correctly can stand to make quite a bit of money by playing in a band. This being said, “making it” as a band is often easier said than done, and requires one to put in a great deal of effort in order to reach their goals. 

The following are just three tips for bands who are looking to make it big in the music industry, all of which can help to set you on the right path:

Perfect Your Set

Before you start putting any time, effort or thought into how to properly market your band, you have to focus on what truly matters; the music. Regardless of how strong your marketing is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find success if the quality of the music is not up to par. Perfecting your set is of the utmost importance, and should never take a back seat. Strive to have at least ten original songs (30-40 minutes worth of material) under your belt before anyone even knows that you have a band. By taking this route, you can surprise people by playing an extremely tight show right off the bat.


Networking with other bands and artists is an essential part of finding success in the music industry. As with anything else, music is a business, and no successful business professional gets to the top without networking. Finding bands that you wish to associate your music with is essential, as this will help you to get on high-profile bills and reach an audience that will be receptive to your sound.

Don’t stop at bands, however. You should be networking with recording engineers, promoters and other professionals in the music industry. Don’t hesitate to tour in order to meet more people, either; Class B Motorhomes make for the perfect tour vehicles and, let’s face it, you may be on the road for weeks at a time!

Look to the Blogs

The music industry is dramatically different these days than it was in the past. Perhaps the most obvious difference comes with the fact that blogs now have practically as much clout in the industry as do magazines and newspapers. Best of all, you can usually send your music to blogs and have it reviewed free of charge. This is a great way for bands to reach outside of their local audience and get people around the country – and even the world – to start listening to their music.

Note that hundreds, if not thousands, of bands submit their music to blogs each and everyday, so persistence is key. You should also try to promote any blog posts that are made about your band on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This way, your current fans will see that your band is beginning to gain even more attention, and will likely start coming to your shows more often than before.

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