Punk Rock and the Pleated Skirt

pleated skirts

Punk rock is one musical style that is extremely influenced by the clothes associated with it, as well as influential on fashion. Having a “pun rock look” has become just as important to some artists as having that signature “punk rock sound.” From pleated skirts to safety pin earrings, punk rock’s fashion has always been about breaking with convention. Just like it’s music.

Punk Rock Music as Influence

Rock music has been a widely loved music genre of diverse age groups. This music genre took several courses and gave birth to various types such as punk rock music, notably in the UK. Punk is the term given to refer to garage bands. Its music is characterized by edgy melody with fast tempo and utilizing electric guitars and basses. Usually, lyrics used on punk rock songs were comprised of politically related wordings, which add up to its notable characteristics.

Fashion as a Part of Punk Rock Music

Aside from music, fashion sets as the definitive factor that differentiates punk music from the rest. It targets freedom of expression not only through music, but also in terms of fashion. This fashion statement incorporates a diverse set of clothing including pleated skirts, plaids, safety pins and wild hair colors. People using this fashion can really make a statement for themselves, which makes this style widely popular and accepted among fans.

Various artists made a name for themselves by donning this fashion statement on their performances and even as a daily fashion. Popular artists include Sex Pistols, Prima Donna, Iggy Pop, Patti Smith and a lot more are notable for their punk fashion style and music. Celebrity designers like Vivienne Westwood incorporated the same punk fashion statement on her creation, bringing this style to the high fashion industry. Even today, you can travel all over the world and find punk rock groups from every continent and corner.

Changes in music and style also gave birth to varying styles encompassing punk fashion. Some punk rockers started to use shiny and sparkly clothing, ripped shirts, and bondage clothing while others were able to incorporate the same punk fashion feel even on basic clothing. Black color is commonly used on this fashion style and may range to the use of loud colors that can make a statement.

Punk Fashion Staples (Literally and Figuratively)

Pleated skirt is also used in punk fashion by matching it with other clothing and designs that make it stand out among the rest. For instance, pleated skirts can have loud colors as accents, giving women the freedom of showing their love for punk fashion in the feminine way.

Pleated skirts are also employed for punk Lolita fashion, which can be matched with a punk-styled shirt, long socks or netted-stockings, and shoes ranging from sneakers to pumps.

Skirts are made for women, but some men who are into punk fashion experimented and incorporated pleated skirts with their clothing. Combining this skirt with punk-style shirts and wearing them over jeans plus the right accessories – even staples, safety pins and the likes – makes this perfect for curious punk rockers today.

Pleated skirts will surely work with punk fashion. Utilizing the right design and accessories will definitely boost your punk fashion. Remember that punk fashion is about making a statement that suits your taste even if it is outside the norms set by the society.

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