Our Top 5 Festival Fashion Tips for the 2013 Season

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The festival season is almost upon us and we have to say, it can’t come quickly enough. But what to bring to festivals? Of course you should bring a pen to mark off your favourite artists on the timetable you’ll be given on arrival, some cosmetics to keep you fresh during the day and, of course, you shouldn’t forget your ID and wallet. But that’s about it. Oh, and make sure you’re dressed right for the occasion – dancing outdoors for an entire weekend is way more fun if you are feeling comfortable!

1. Colour-Block Shoulder Bags

Glamour has suggested that Marni’s Roomy Color-Block Shoulder Bags will be the look for this spring and summer, and we absolutely love them! Any handbag that offers you enough space for the essentials (lip balm, sunglasses, sunblock, a bottle of water and your wallet) is good enough, but if you plan on bringing extra items of clothing in case of rain then you might want to look into Belstaff’s Buttery Soft Tote Bag which is both spacious and beautifully designed. If you prefer comfort over style in the case of festivals, then a Hershel backpack will be perfect for you as they are both sophisticated and leisurely!

2. Sunny Footwear

Our number one choice of shoes for this year’s festival season is flat sandals. This year you will be able to find them mostly in black and white leather or neon-coloured plastic. Studs are still trendy as ever too, of course. And for the ladies among us who aren’t that tall, wedges have returned too! Wedges are the kind of heels that allow you can dance around without getting lots of nasty blisters on your feet, so is a safe and stylish choice for you.

3. Dresses

It is the time of the year to put a dress on! Our number one tip in the department is to go for these amazing and affordable dip hem dressesthat are easy to match with many other items, especially skinny jeans or a denim jacket.

4. Sunglasses

Aviators always go well with any outdoors outfit, so do not think twice about bringing and wearing them. If you are looking for something new, then combine your outfit with black oval sunglasses or Carallo-style shades by Roberto Cavalli – a pair of glasses with metal logo discs on the side. You can either buy these at a Warehouse near you or just buy an affordable pair at a Zara or H&M in your city.

5. Watch ‘O Clock

Invest in a proper wristwatch so you will always know what time it is, as the battery of your phone may well run out. This way you won’t risk missing your favourite artists. Have fun!

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