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Travel As I See It: Paper Beat Scissors’ Tim Crabtree

Hey guys and welcome to the second feature in the series that profiles musicians about their travel dreams and inspirations. Today we’re joined by Paper Beat Scissors, the alter-ego of British exile Tim Crabtree, a one-man musical ensemble washed up on the shores of Novia Scotia, Canada. Tim talks to GrooveTraveler about the mystical element travel brings to his music and outlook on life. Over to Paper Beat Scissors!

Travel As I See It: Icelandic Folk Singer Snorri Helgason

The first musical traveler that we’ve had the priviledge to interview is the wonderful Snorri Helgason from Iceland! Not only is Snorri a very talented musician but also an extremely nice guy that sports a handsome beard that is the envy of many a man. GrooveTraveler picked his brain about his views on travelling and what life is like as a touring musician.

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